Sunday, June 12, 2011

Back At It....the gring begins again!!!
As promised, the rap video from my friend in Portugal. Between runs this is what we don't normally do, but since january, we decided to make a song each time we go over. I hope you can wait until we upload the next one.

OK, so since last time, i had a chest infection. Zythromax whooped that infection in the arse. Im ok now, and back running. I took tuesday, wednesday and thursday off. Ran 10 miles on friday, 15 miles on saturday and 18ish today. Today was very weird. I woke at 5.45am. Went running up the Dublin mountains at 6.15 Finished just after 8, then got a bus to Sligo to watch some races. Left Sligo at 5ish. Got back to teh Dublin Mountains at 9, and drove from Ballinteer to DUnshaughlin in 23 minutes. I think i was speeding, but it was a matter of speeding, and getting there, or falling asleep at the wheel of the car. I think the first option was the safer option. Im still here in one piece which is all that matters.
Im going to my Doctor tomorrow for the 3 monthly check up. THE awful lung function awaits me first thing in the morning. I always feels really dizzy after it. Maybe i blow too hard?? I hate them anyway. If i didn't have to do a lung function im sure my life would be at least 10% happier. I am going to talk with the doctor/prof about the fact he doesn't tell me if i have anything in my system (staph) or doesn't tell me if i don't have enough of anything (iron, b12, red blood cells) We will give him a fair chance to explain himself, and then a letter will be sent into the Spectrum if its not up to scratch. Im sick (excuse the pun) of secretes being kept between patient/practioner.
A girl in my class, niece, has a book out actually not sure the full title, but its something like "the different sort of frogs in my lungs"...i think im well off the title, but if you see something with FROGS on the front of a book then pick it up. Unless its a wildlife book. THen thats no use. The book is about her niece who had CF and died at the age of 10 (i think). Before she died she wrote a story for her 2nd class teacher. She explained what it was like having CF, and used the metaphor of a frog for phlegm in the lungs. I thought it was a very good description. I wonder are they french frogs though??? All proceeds go to Make@WIsh and also the CF unti in Crumlin Hospital. The book is €10.
On a scale of 1 to 10 on tiredness im about a before i go off the beaten track, i shall end it here. Good night.

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