Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Week Of Madness

I had a infection 2 weeks ago, and now im ok. I went to see my Doctor. I gave him a chance to explain his madness of not contacting me, or not telling me about the infection. It was a reasonable answer. He said the infection didn't warrant an antibiotic and that there was nothing to worry about, because i wasn't symptomatic. I had a cough, but supposedly thats normal for a CF. Yea right. Im not normal, and im not taking that for an answer. I don't NORMALLY cough, so thats not "normal". Like i said, it was a reasonable answer, BUT, if i didn't self medicate and go onto the Zythromax for the 3 days straight, maybe i would have still have the cough. On the funny side, my lung function went up???? Not sure how that happened, but i will take the result.
Im back running 100 miles a week, and 18 miles today. Feel good and all seems ok. First race is in July. A half marathon in Athlone. (i think) Much training is to be carried out before then.
I awoke at 2:45am yesterday to go to work. Who needs a massage at that hour of the day, i hear you ask. Well a race called The Dawn Run in the heritage site of The Hill of Tara, needed my hands. It was unreal. The sight of the sun signaled the start of the race. People who woke to race, and people who didn't sleep, that came from nightclubs came to run. The drunk, and the insane collide together and race. Funny site. Massaged from 3:30 until around 7:30. Got home and tried to sleep. I managed 40 minutes. I don't think the 3 cups of tea, and the herbal tea pumped with caffeine helped. I then had to do some final mixing of songs for my girlfriends dance show. The dance show started at 6:30. We set up everything at the show, including the interval Tuck Shop. I tried to sleep in my car for the part i wasn't needed, but that still didn't work. Probably because of the extra cup of tea, and 3 bottles of Lucozade. I felt i needed a Zanix to relax or sleep, but also an upper to keep me awake. Double edge sword. The show was fantastic, and we had a Chinese to celebrate.
Ok, back to CF. A new drug called CX770 is going to be on the market in the near future. I hope. It transforms CF into something that im not sure. Once its not a truck called Optimus Prime. I forgot to mention it a few months ago because i didn't think anything would come from it. I don't know how many times iv heard a "cure" for CF will be soon coming. OH, this isn't a cure but its a close match for one. It will improve CF anyway. Google CX770 and you will find out all about it. It will also be on RTE news tomorrow with talks from Orla Tinsley.
If your in the Dublin area, and you want to get a proper hit of some Saline. Saline is a solution of salt water. I use it every second day. Although i was told to use it ever day. But i don't think it did me any good taking it that much. I think it was one of the reasons why i kept coughing up blood. Supposedly coughing up blood is also normal for a CF. Coughing up blood is never normal. Its not like a bodily excretion, that is good for you. So no, its not 'normal'. The place im talking about it called Salt Therapy Malahide. Its a cave that you enter and it sprays in sea water. I haven't been to it, but it seem good. If your going, tell them you have CF, and they will give you a room to yourself. You wouldnt even get that in a hospital. I wonder does it have an en suit with it.
Well thats it. Im out. I

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