Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sore Throat, Thanks Mam!!!

Did you ever see in films where the scene is slowed down and everything is in slow montion, when something bad is going to happen. When i picked up a cup and went to drink from it, i expected to have a sensation of fizz and pop in my mouth. What i experienced was flat, tasteless liquid. Straight away i knew it was my Mams and not mine. Right then, i knew something bad was going to happen. Nevertheless, a few hours later. BANG. A sore throat. It was almost as if someone sharply stuck a knife into my oesophagus. Although, a sore throat isn't in your oesophagus, but you get the point. It adds to the theatrics. Iv been lashing back the green tea with honey, cloves and lemon.
This gives me a few days off running. It sounds like im happy about this. Well, to be honest, i am. Everyday i started to wake up and the first thing that comes to my mind is how any miles i HAVE to do today, and at what pace. It started to feel like a chore istead of a love. 100 miles every week. It becomes mundane and never ending. I haven't ran for 2 days now. It is like a weight off my shoulders. I feel the big starting to creap back in. Im speaking about the running bug, not staph or any other real bug. It feels good having time off for a few days.
I woke up yesterday and had this weird feeling about friday. That funny feeling came in the form of, oh no i have an exam on friday. For some reason i figured it was 2 weeks away. Whats more annoying is that i had a full day booked in in the clinic. YEAY. I now have to ring everyone up, cancel their appointment, and fit them in another time. Hwoever, this is my last exam for the near future. I cant see myself going into college for at least a year. Its time to knuckle down and start working more. Speaking of which, i have to go to work now.
Adios, salute, goodbye.

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