Monday, July 4, 2011

Ups & Downs

I woke up this time last week, to go out on a run. I looked out the window, to a sunny monday morning. What could be better. However, i turned over, and went back to sleep. I just couldn't have been bothered to go out on a run.
Normally this happens, but this was different. This feeling has been on my shoulder for the last few months. The not wanting to run feeling. The day before that morning was a sunday. I normally do the 2 hour run without a thought. Laced up my runners, and went along. Got to 15 minutes and stopped. Just stopped. Not even slowed down. I actually walked home. It got to the point where i didn't even want to run, once i was out there. I used to think, why walk when i could get there faster if i was running. This didn't even enter my head. That sunday, i went to a race. Seeing people running in a race normally gives me the fire in the belly to go out and run. That day, there was no feeling of anything. It was no surprise that when i woke up the next day, that i decided not to run. I didn't even want to run the next day, or the next. I took a complete break off. i figured that when i wanted to run again, thats when i was going to start back. Its easier to stop running for other people when the spark goes. But its different for me. I actually have to run, even if i don't want to. Your thinking, you could cycle, or swm. Well heres the reason. The pounding on the ground from running dislodges the phlegm,and also is the hardest form of exercise that you could do for an hour. Apart from cross country skiing, but unless i move to Switzerland, then there is a slim chance of me doing it. Maybe i could use those stupid sticks that people walk with in dry weather. There is really no need for them. especially on road, or in the Phoenix Park. Running burns the most calories also. Football is to easy, unless i decide to run laps of the pitch, in which case thats still running.
During my time of relapse, i actually got sick. Is this karma? I got the sore throat, then a constant head ache, followed by a big chesty cough. Lovely. I also had my final exam ever on the friday. Talk about an emotional roller coaster. Come friday, i was feeling much better, and got the exam over and done with. Driving home from Ranelagh (in Dublin) to Dunshaughlin (Meath) was a nightmare. I got very tired and felt like sleeping on the side of the N3.
Anyway, a week has passed, and im back running. I got up this morning, and had the feeling like i wanted to do some miles. I did 45 minutes.
I am finished college, and its like an elephant was taken off my shoulder. Im a "working man" now so they say. Off to make a real buck or two now.
Also, it was 24 degrees today. With no sun. Typical Ireland.

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