Friday, September 23, 2011

65 Miles For 65 Roses

Iv decided!!!
Iv come to a conclusion!!!
What would really get people aware of CF!!!
I'm running 65 miles in one go.
Why 65?? Well 65 Roses sounds like Cystic Fibrosis. That's how they used to get young kids to say Cystic Fibrosis.

Not sure what time i will finish it in.Maybe 8 hours. I have a date and it's around the same day as 65 Roses Day in April 2012. And most likely in Dublin because the more people, the more money, the more awareness.

First, I have to organise it with the CF Foundation. They seem to be happy with it. Maybe they have some worries as they probably don't think i will be able for it. It's 2 and a half marathons back to back. Or running the length of the M50, then back again, and an extra 7 miles.

If anyone had any ideas as to where I should do it then post a comment or email me. This is for everyone with CF so everyone should have a say. Preferably not the Dublin Mountains. Also, if you would like to run part of it, or even the full thing then let me know.

I will keep you posted when I get more info or try to contact everyone for sponsorship. And if any business men out there want to throw money my way, your more then welcome. Likewise, anyone in the media, let me know. We need all the publicity we can get.

If anyone know anyone on the Ellen Show then I want to be on that. It was supposed to be on Oprah but shes gone now and Ellen is so much cooler. She dances over a table.......

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