Sunday, September 25, 2011

Doom & Gloom.....sorry for this title

For some reason I can't upload these in the order that it happened. So go backwards on the post and see how it develops.

I was out training and after 13 miles. BOOM!!! I went over on it, and took a huge fall, cutting my arms and legs. I walked for 5 minutes, ran a mile and had to stop. The Solheim Cup is on where I was running and all the cars driving down and away from it was more then normal on that road. I was clearly in pain by the way I was walking. Mercs, Jags, BMWs all past by me without helping, but the most surprising was the police car. At this stage I was 3 miles away from my house, and not one person stopped to drive my into the village.

I'm after documenting all the rehab I'm after doing for the ankle, and from 24 hours ago, not being able to walk on it, I can now start to jog on it.
This included 5 ice baths, 10 ice packs, strapping, Vit E, Amino Acids, Anti Inflammatory gels and tablets, and Acupuncture.

1 - 24 hours after

2 - That Night

3 - Acupuncture

4 - After the ice bath

5 - an hour after I strained it.

I'm taking today off running but will do some upper body weights and core work.

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