Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Controversial Last Paragraph!!!

If there is one thing I religiously watch on TV, it's Home And Away. So much so that I am on Australian time, and watch it everyday on YouTube. Guilty pleasure???
Finally, work has slowed a bit this week. I presume it's back to school and what not. I'm still working 6 days this week, maybe 7, depending on if the women's GAA team get put back into the championship. They where kicked out because there was two death in the team and it happened the night before the match, but the other team didn't care and they went ahead with it. The decision went to the county board, and for some strange reason, they where kicked out???? So, I'm still busy but just not extremely busy.
Since I started back properly running again iv found myself in much better form and humour. I don't really notice it but I think I get kind of snappy with people. I found myself very snappy while driving. I started screaming at people, they would roll down their window and I'd still be screaming at them so they would have to roll back up their window. I'd say I look like an absolute psycho. I'd say I was like that waiter from Brass Monkey in Howth last week. Haha. But if a driver does something stupid he is going to have to feel the might of my voice!!!!
On my twitter account @STCinjured, I put up a post about back pain being the number one problem this week. All of a sudden I get these nut cases telling me how to cure back pain, and trying to link me to their website which sells their books. Their tweets where "I hear you have excruciating back pain". I never said I had back pain. They can't even read my tweet right, how are they going to fix my "back pain" that I don't have. Is this the new form of tweet spam? Twam?? Or Spweet?
Oh yea. Back to running. I got up at 7 this morning to go running. It was a nice morning for running. Not really sure why I went at the time I did. I paid for it all day. I got 8 miles in which is 24miles since Monday. I'm going for a 60 mile week. Building it up nicely. Iv a weight session tomorrow also.
I think winter has hit like a plane in a building. Actually that's something I will touch on in the next paragraph. Iv had to put on the heating throughout the day. I'd light the fire if I was going to be in the house all day. But it's awful weather. That last sentence was so elderly Irish. If Irish people couldn't talk about what was on TV last night (mainly X Factor) the recession, or the weather we would be left with nothing. "ah jaysis isn't the weather brutal out there Mary". I bet you've heard that one before.
Ok. 9/11. I'm probably going to be hated for this. I really shouldn't be because if you think about what I'm going to say then your going to agree with me. Every night on TV there has been shows about 9/11. I know it was horrible and it should have never of happened. Every year around this time we will see a show or two about it. Go America sort of shows. It gets annoying, and yea we know it has horrible. But look at the middle east. Have you ever seen one show about it? No. Well I haven't anyway. How many people died in 9/11 and how many people died in the middle east. Two wrongs don't make a right but by these shows it makes us believe that what the soldiers are doing in the Middle East that it is right. Was there any real reason (apart from Oil) for America to invade that part of the world. I'm not in favour of any of the countries. "9/11 - the day that changed the world" Jesus Christ. Like I said, it was horrible, and innocent lives where killed, but innocent lives have died in Iraq etc but we don't hear anything. Just let it go, and put the shows on Discovery History. I'm probably going to lose a lot of American viewers to the blog. But believe me, this is my last post about 9/11.


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