Monday, September 5, 2011

PFTs Stay Level

Home from my Dr visit. I had a feeling that my lung function would have went down seen as I haven't really ran this summer. Today was the first time in a few years where they haven't went up. They stayed the same as 3 months ago. My FEV1 are 88%. I don't know if it's good or bad in comparison to anyone else. But above 80 is above average so I'm told. I don't really know what I'm looking at in my results. My weight went up by 4kg. I don't think thats exact. She just threw the dial to whatever seemed like it was going to be right. I'm 60kg, but when I weight myself properly in 55kg.
I should have timed my visit in Profs room. I swear it was about 7 minutes. I found out that my blood test that I didn't pay for was for fungus. I suppose I will get it so. I don't want any aspergillus growing. I'm sure I'd know about it. My sputum came back clear. I know this seems like, and your probably thinking "he hasn't ran all summer, and he is still well, and not in hospital". It does seem like that but towards the end, and to a certain extent, I started to feel myself getting worse. More phlegmy etc. It's not advisable , so keep, or start running. It's the only way to get phlegm up. Walking won't cut it, and cycling to a certain extent won't. The constant landing will loosen the phlegm and eventually get it up.
There is a new CF unit in Beaumont. I hope I'm never going into it. A building full of CFs doesn't sound good at all. We have to wear a mask as well. Jesus, amd Judas, no thanks. Masks are a fashion faux pas, unless your in China, Halloween, or Darth Vader. It's probably better then walking down that hell hole of a hospital to get your lung function. If you have ever been in Beaumont then you will understand. I also feel instantly sick when I walk into the reception area. It needs a good lick of paint, or maybe a window or two. After that I go into the private part of the hospital. I still feel sick when I'm there also. Hospitals should be designed like the inside of a circus tent. I bet you don't feel like your sick when you go to a circus??
I ran my longest run in around 3 months. I ran for 54 minutes. The first 25 was very hard but towards the end I started to feel deadly. I didn't learn from Saturday's run that it's still very warm out to be running in long tights and a jumper. Sure I'm obese now, so I have to run with as much clothes on me as possible, even though thats a stupid idea. It dehydrates you which means you can't exercise as long. When will jockies, boxers, and weight watcher goers learn??
I hope you are all still running coming into the winter, and if you need an excuse to run then go to Blessington on Saturday to run The Lakes 10k. Great course and it's always sunny for that day. I won't be running in it because im not race fit. All entry fees goes to the CF foundation.


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