Monday, September 19, 2011

Ketchup Bottle Analogy

I'm not going to do the Growing Up pt2 post just yet. I'm building the expense a bit. :)

I heard a good analogy today. CF is like a ketchup bottle. The ketchup won't come out unless you turn it upside down amd belt the bottom of it for ages u til it comes out. I'm not talking about the easy squeeze bottles by the way. It's like CF. If you don't do anything with your lungs, the "ketchup" is just going to stay in your lungs.

I never actually explained or told you what sort of music I listen to. Since my brother came home with an album called Blueprint by Jay-Z and let me listen to a sing called Heart Of The City, I instantly knew I had to listen to hip hop. Before that I heard of a person while I was in New York called Eminem. I figured he was some sort of rocker for some reason, but I heard My Name Is, I was kind of interested, but Heart Of the City concreted it for me. Since then I have only really listened to that genre. Apart from Girls Aloud. By this statement, I don't think I should have girlfriend or even deserve one. But I actually have their greatest hits, and Yaz bought it for me one Christmas.
I'm not into that stupid type of hip hp/rap that uses rhyme skills like "it must be love cos it came from above" or some other meaningless crap. I see hip hop as poetry with a rhythm and a beat. The use of metaphors, similes, syllables and word play is the real essence of hip hop. I know you might be thinking "Eminem just raps about his mother, and his wife" but if you actually listen and take in the struggle in the lyrics, you will understand. Compound syllables line after line. He structures ever verse in a way that's genius.
It's not all about fast cars, drugs, jewellery, women's, and sex. That's the popcorn hip hop. You just listen to it because it's on, not because of it's lyrical content. That's Hip Pop, not Hip Hop.
If you want to hear one of my favourite songs then check out 'Til I Collapse by Eminem, and you can relate it to something in a time in your life.

Oh and by the way, CF is not all DOOM & GLOOM.

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