Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rise & Grind

Iv added a few new things to the blog.
<--------- there is the new pace/mileage/training thingy. You will be able to see and keep up with the training that I do.
------------------------> is the new "thing you might also like..." area. These are the most popular blog entries. I'm trying to do random blog entries so you can click on one you haven't read instead of the most popular.
I'm also trying to find out how to upload pictures and videos from my ipad up onto the blog. It's proven to be very tricky. I will get it done.

I'm just finished a run. For the last few days iv been suffering with a sore back. It goes into spasm every now and again. The other night when I was dreaming, I was in a jungle getting chased from jungle people. All of a sudden a monkey jumps on my back and attacks me. However, in real life it was actually my back going into spasm. Waking up with a spasm is probably the most terrifying experience known to man. Especially if it happens to my calve. The thing is, you can't scream because it will wake up the whole house. But for a few seconds you actually don't know if it's a dog chewing on your leg, or a snake trying to swallow you whole. After it goes, your afraid to go back to sleep, in fear that it can attack again. Thank God I haven't had one in my calve in ages. So because of my back, I haven't slept a great deal for the last 2/3 nights. When I woke up I didn't want to run, but who does when they wake up first thing. I put my gear on and headed out. I ran with my neighbour, Tommy Maher. He is a 2:16 marathon runner in his day and competed for Ireland on a good few occasions, like the World Cross Country Championships. He brought me out for an hour, which ended up being 76 minutes. He always does this to me. For the first half I was feeling good, but ones I got over the hour mark, I started to clear out a load of mucus. Something my chest hasn't felt in a while. Deep breaths for over an hour. It really get the cardio going.
On return to the house I didn't no whether to smile or cry....or collapse. I took the last option. Once I got in the door that is. My legs where aching and I was so thirsty. The thoughts of running up the Dublin mountains seems to be out of the question for now. Although 76 minutes was out of the question a few hours ago. The building of the miles is coming together nicely. It's like a foundation in a house. If you don't have a foundation, the house will go up quickly, but it won't last the time. Likewise, with running. If you don't have the foundation of miles, when it comes to a race, you won't get very far.
I'm not sure how my lung function had stayed the same, because my lungs don't feel the same. Im thinking that lung functions are only something that add to a conclusion. I knew myself that I wasn't feeling fit, and I was doing maybe 10 miles a week instead of 100 miles a week. So how does my lung function stay the same? I wouldn't worry or think too much into your FEV1s, and just get out there and run/exercise. If your running further, and running faster then that's a better indication on your health. I also believe that it's to do with technique. I see people that wouldn't be half as fit as I am and still get their FEV1s in the 80s. Mine is 88% where I think it should be higher??? I should ask the nurse how to cheat at it.

I'm going to the cinema today. Friends With Benefits will be the choice. Not only is Mila Kunis in it, but so is Justin Timberlake. I think I have a bit of a man crush on him. That lad can do no wrong and needs to return to music. I don't know why it is, but the Sprite in the cinema is so nice. It's not because I eat loads of popcorn and my mouth gets all salty. Even drinking it before the popcorn, it's delightful. While I'm at the cinema I am going to get Orla Tinsleys book. Salty Baby. The extract from the book seems a good read.

If your going to buy a shampoo then go with Bumble and Bumble. The orange looking one. I think it's called Revive. It is the nicest smelling shampoo iv ever smelt. Hints of peppermint arouses the nasal cavity, hahahahahahah.
Il leave you with that.


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