Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Anti Flu & Dublin Floods


I hate this time of year. Not because of the weather. But because of the Anti Flu vaccine. I really hate vaccines now. I don't mind the actual injection. I work with needles every day. The affects of the vaccine, nearly instantly really floors me.
The worst vaccine iv had is probably the Yellow Fever. As soon as the needles pierced my skin, I got a huge shock up and down my arm. Really sore. Then by the time I got home, which was 5 minutes away, I was nearly asleep. This only lasted for a day. However, the longest sick feeling iv had is from the Swine Flu vaccine. Whichever epidemic was last year. Swine or Bird Flu?? Whichever that was was the worst one. My arm Was swollen from my shoulder to my wrist. I had all the signs of the epidemic for a week. This could rival for the worst vaccine feeling. I wonder how I would react if I didn't get the flu vaccine. I don't think I want to try it.

So, Monday the 24th of October. Dublin was nearly Atlantis. Guess who got stuck in it for 6 hours???

This was a man hole at the top of the hill at Infermary Road. It was horrible. The smell of sewage was sickening.

This was West Indie Quay. You can't see it in the picture but it actually had a car floating in it. It became a part of the River Liffey for a few hours

I was supposed to be at the Britney Spears concert at the o2, but I couldn't get to the o2. I was about 2 miles away from it but couldn't walk, drive or get the Luas. I'm really surprised they went ahead with the concert. I'm going to try get Ticket Master to refund the €200. Who carves €100 per ticket anyway?? Your probably asking why was a fella going to a Britney Spears concert. I was going with Yaz. It was a prezzy for her. We spent hours in the Pheonix Park instead. Listening to the radio. There was no news or any information on where to go or where not to go. The Police didn't actually show up. So everyone ended up in the same place. I heard 1/2 of the fire brigade and civil defence was dispatched. Why only half?? The Police have horses. They could have mounted them and went into areas where people couldn't go. Furthermore, I was right beside the Garda Headquarters in the Pheonix Park. One man actually got out of his car to go in and complain to them as to why werent they out guiding people.

This was all very annoying, and being stuck in the same position is tedius, BUT 2 people died in the floods. So who really cares if you get stuck in traffic for a few hours?? I was glad to get home and alive.
We hear that this sort of weather happened once every decade, or not very often. Not sure of the figures. But this is the 3rd year in a row that floods happened. We had bad snow 2 years in a row, and every single time the country has come to a stand still. When September came, all I heard was "it's going to snow next month. It's going to be horrible". I wonder do people in Russia have these conversations? They are able to deal with it. But little old Ireland can't cope with anything. Our attitude "ah sure it'll be graaaaand" is ridiculous. It'll be graaaand until everyone gives out, and old people are stranded in their houses, freezing with no food. Ridiculous.
The other thing about the Presidency. The way everyone is going on about it, it's as if they can actually do anything once in the Aras. They can't even give a speech unless asked to by the state. It should be won by who has the best smile and handshake to greet people with. Either that or else they actually have power to change the country. They are only a figurehead. Nothing more, nothing less. When did it change that the President can't do anything but put their names on a dotted line after??

Anyway this post isnt going to change the way our ridiculous country is run. I'm running 60 miles this week, even with this horrible vaccine.


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