Friday, October 7, 2011

Facial Time

So I got a facial last night after work.
I got one facial before as a Christmas gift in The Grooming Room in town, and it was so enjoyable and relaxing. I also looked around 16 after it. I already look 19 so I found it funny.

This lady comes into the clinic to talk as she only lives next door. She sometimes brings a curry, or a chow mien. I should mention that she is from Hong Kong. Her cooking is amazing and a surprise for lunch when I get authentic Chinese food brought into me. Anyway, she charges €60 for two hours. That's an unbelievable price, and an unbelievable standard. It even helped my insomnia. I normally get to sleep around 2-3 at night but last night I was asleep at 11:30.

When I walked in she said, you have problems with your eyes. Not sure how she knew that. Then while I was on the massage bed, she said, "between your shoulders, here (pointed to my lungs) you have a problem". I was gobsmaked. Now I don't look like I have CF. The giveaway signs of hunched shoulder, protruding stomach, or any other physical feature that I should have.. She said i was very hot inside. Impressive. Very impressive.
I had a Chinese lecturer for Acupuncture and I told him I had CF and is acupuncture good for it. He didn't know what CF was, because in China, they don't have it, or very litte of it. They have something similar, and I think they are given Zythromax for it to bring down the inflammation. So until he came to the UK to work, he never heard of it. Sure most people in Ireland don't know about CF, and sometimes people ask me do I have Osteoporosis instead of Cystic Fibrosis. This girl back when I was in 3rd year was convinced she read in the paper that I had Osteoporosis and for told people not to hit me, or bump into me. She meant well but she was a dope.

See the comment below. About the workout. Well I am lying in bed at the moment, unable to get out of it, in fear that I will fall to the ground in pain. I tried reaching fir my phone and my muscles couldn't fire together to bring my body back to the correct position. I'm lying in bed, because, I had the morning off. I took a half day off just because I wanted to, and because I can, and because I'm working 7 days this week. That's the great thing about being self employed. Its nearly 11 and im still in bed. I should probably get up now and make myself a boiled egg with soldiers cuts of toast. Remember those when you where younger. Its the only way to eat a boiled egg.

Iv got the timing of a boiled egg down to a fine art. Fill the cold water until it just covers the egg. Put on a stove, full blast, and time 9 minutes. When 7 minutes have past, then put the toast on. Straight after, take the boiling water out, fill it with cold water again so the egg doesn't keep cooking. The toast will have popped. Take out, butter, cut into soldiers, crack egg open (still runny) and dunk.


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