Monday, October 17, 2011


Since iv started nebulisers, which was about 18 years ago, iv found that Saline has been the most effective. As soon as you turn the neb on it catches your breathing an nearly instantly makes you cough. With Pulmozyne, I never really found it useful. Maybe at the start but I can't remember the affects.
I used to take Pulmozyne (DNAs) everyday. I'm not sure if I outgrew the affects but I didn't find it usefull towards the end. I don't actually use it now. The reason behind it was that when I started coughing blood, my team, and by team, I don't mean my doctors. I mean my family. We found out that DNAs can make me cough up blood. Also TOBI is another neb that can have these side affects. So basically I stopped both of them. I was put on Zythromax tablets every second day instead of the TOBI, amd the hypertonic saline 7%.
CF'ers can't retain salt in our system. It's complicated to get into the ins and outs of it, and I can't really explain it. How stupid is that. Anyway, we take more salt in our diets then the normal person. (and yes I said normal. We are not normal). I actually like eating salt. Sea salt rocks. Dont get me wrong. I actually don't sit down and start eating salt while watching TV. It's not considered my mid night snack. But I do lash the salt on my food.
In hot summer days, I have to put salt on a teaspoon and down the hatch. So running in hot weathers is hard if I don't drink with glucose/salt in it. But if I wasn't training and just walking around then I wouldn't recognise it. Just during runs, particularly towards the end, I start to sweat, and it's not just a small sweat, it's like my skin is an under water spring. So I have to keep on top of that during training in warm weather.
I just find it amazing that salt, and vaporised salt can have such an affect. I'm not saying it's great that it's natural because a lot of drugs originate from a natural source. Take Aspirin. It's from powdered willow bark. I find it funny when people say I want to use natural remedies. Aspirin is natural!
Back to salt.
I found out about this place in Malahide, Co Dublin.

Iv sent them an email to find out more about it, so if they get back, I will post the questions I asked them.

Just on a different note. Here's a good diagram of what organs/areas are affected with having CF.

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