Friday, October 14, 2011

Back Running.....Again

Since Monday, I haven't ran. Why? Because I just didn't want to. I lost my routine and I won't be back racing for a while. Until December maybe. Damn stupid ankle. I was still working out, and doing core work.
I was in love with my bed until my alarm broke my heart.I crawled out of bed this morning. Almost as if my bed was quicksand. I had a nice cuppa and a fig roll. Rocket fuel before a run. (not really tho). As I went to lace up my runners, I found cobwebs inside them. Cobwebs around anything that should be used is a bad thing. While I was running around, all the young kids and grumpy teens where walking to school. I felt privileged. I remembered back when I was walking to school and other older people where out walking their dogs or anything else but school without a worry in their heads. Now I'm one of those "care free" adults. It feels great! I ran 5.26 miles which was a 5:58 minute mile.
My Mam and I were joking yesterday. Not sure how it came up but she said "you have another 5 years left before your expiry date", meaning when I'm going to die. I corrected her and said "it's actually 11 years". The life expectancy for CF is 36. It's a morbid joke, and if anyone else would have heard, they would have been shocked. It's funny. I'm obviously not going to die at 36, not from CF anyway. My parents where told I was going to die at 10. I reached the double digits number with flying colours. Then it was 18 I think. I passed that. So I guess my next target is 36. Silly Doctors.

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