Friday, November 11, 2011

CF Unit In Beaumont

First of all, I only took my neb once so far today and it's 9:30 pm. I felt I didn't need it when u woke up but I made sure I still took it to be sure.
While I was driving to get my nebs serviced, I coughed up some phlegm. I wasn't going to swallow it, so I rolled down the window amd "HOK TOO!!!" out of it. BUT I nearly got it on the person who was overtaking me. I wonder what would have happened if I had got it onto the BMW. What would I have said. Eh I have CF. Screw your BMW.
When I got to OxygenCare (90 minutes later) they told me the nebs where old, and they didn't make the parts for it anymore. So if my nebs broke down it would be a small problem.
I had to go to Beaumont to drop of a sputum to get it examined. After I don't know how many years, they told me there was a short cut from the private practice to the main hospital. I used to have to walk a bit to get around to where I needed. I know I run, but I HATE walking. Hate it. This new short cut had made my day. I had to go to the CF unit to talk to the CF nurse. On my way there I realised I didn't know the CF nurses name, and whats even better is that i didnt even know where the CF unit was in Beaumont. When I finally found my way there after asking a few people, there was signs with "wear masks" etc. I didn't want to go into the Unit. It was horrible even looking into the unit. I get shivers when I see the sign CF UNIT. I was thinking whether to go in or not but out comes a Doctor and a nurse.
"Can I help you??" asked the Nurse.
"yea I'm looking for the CF nurse"
I didn't even know where to go to get a new neb. I asked her would she be able to sort me out, as if I was a junkie needing my fix. She looked at me as if to say "this lad should know how to get a neb, and how things work", but I have no idea. I haven't had to deal with this before. Dont ask me how I got all the other nebs.
I'm lucky that I am naive about this. I calculate my days iv spent in hospital in 25 years. It's 17.
10 days when I was 6 months because I was just diagnosed.
3 days for constipation
Another 2 days for constipation
2 days for a random fit i had during Christmas shopping. I never found out why I had the fit. I can't remember having the fit or a few hours after it either. Random.

I await the results of the sputum, and will keep you posted when I get the results,


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