Friday, November 11, 2011

I Kicked The Lung Infection In The Shins

I kicked it in the shins with no IV.
It's been Saturday evening since I realised this cough might not be an asthmatic thing. Yesterday I got so annoyed with my lungs and wondered how much phlegm it can hold and produced. I was up until 3 last night using my pep mask, taking Saline and Ventolin neb. I didn't really have to, but I felt if I didn't then next step was hospital. I also told myself, if I can still run, I dont need to be going into a hospital. If I can do everything else, but have this stupid cough then why go to hospital. What I need to do is to try and keep the mucus from settling in the lungs and making a nice cost bed for itself. I thought of the amount of CF'ers that go through this sort of feeling everyday. The thing is, you can't just let it take over. You can't say, I will forget my pep today, i will do it tomorrow. Likewise with anything medication or physio involved. You can't let it defeat you. Once you sit down and except that you have CF, and start to rebel then you can kiss your arse goodbye. There are no days off with CF. You have it, and your always going to have it. Unless Roche or similar companies have the cure in their back pocket,your still going to have it. It's a pain in the arse. It's not ideal. I wish I never had it. Although, it has made me a stronger and more determined person. I can thank CF for that. My point is, get on with it, do whatever you have to do to keep yourself out of hospital. It might seem dramatic, and obsessive, but it's what needs to be done.
I can't talk for sick CF people, but I can talk for the healthy ones. Hard persistent work pays off. In life and in CF. What you do as a child, a baby, sets the standard for your life. Sit around and rebel against it, and you will know all about it.

I woke up today, and didn't have breakfast. I started on my Ventolin. Waited 20 minutes, took Saline, and right away I started using the Pep. Not just for a few minutes. But until I actually couldn't get up any more phlegm, or until I got a headache from coughing. The headache won!!! I got into an even worse mood. Took a small break which was my breakfast, then went at it again. Knowing I could get sick from coughing and bring my breakfast up. That didn't happen thankfully.
I had to go to work then. At one stage I felt like just leaving the clinic. I didn't want to be there. I wanted to attach a Hoover to my mouth and such the phlegm out. Anyway, I finished at 9 at night. Took the unhaler , put my runners and gear on and went running. 9:15 at night out running. It felt amazing. My lungs felt great. I ended up sprinting the last mile. Did I cough after it. No???? I was confused. I went back into the clinic and drank some water, drove home and I was delighted that my chest hadnt felt as good since a week ago. I didn't even need my Ventolin Neb. 7 hours without it (which I nor ally take every 4 hours when I'm like this). I went 9 hours without it in total and only took it to try bring down the inflammation and also I was taking my Saline after it. I took my Pep mask for the last time today at 12 o clock.
I'm happy today. I'm getting up tomorrow, driving 90 minutes to get my nebulisers serviced (90 minutes is a bloody joke to get my nebs serviced but I'm not even gonna complain). While they are in, I'm running around the Wicklow mountains. Driving home, eat, shower, then off to work.
Sounds like the day of a human without CF!!!!


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