Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chest Infection

I'm not sure, but I think I have a chest infection.
Like I said in the last post I have a cough. Now the doctors will tell you "it's normal for CFs to cough". That maybe the case if you always cough, but I don't cough normally so how is it normal for CFs to cough. It's like saying every German is a Hilter type figure, or every African is starving.
So I have a cough. I started to get up white, frothy type phlegm, then turned to a more sticky white. It never went any further. Two nights ago I woke up with a burst of energy (read the below post). Since then I have had great sleeps. Yesterday when u woke up I got in such a humour. This bloody cough was doing my head in. So I took my Zythromax, took Ventolin nebuliser, waited a bit then took my Saline followed by my Pep Mask. Pep masks do nothing for me. I never get up anything using them. Until this time. I knew there was more stuff to get up, so I spent around 30 minutes on the pep, Constantly, until I couldn't get up anymore. That worked but I still felt I hadn't done enough. I laced up my runners and went for a 30 minute run. I didn't cough one after the first 5 minutes. That was the part that had me confused. I didn't feel sick/tired/weak. I just had this stupid cough that started to become productive. After the run I felt great. Didn't feel chesty, amd felt I could take deeper breaths. Very confusing. All the signs showed I have an infection but how can I run without feeling bad, and actually feel better after a run??
What I have started to do since Monday was take my Saline twice a day instead of once every second day. I also take my Ventolin neb every 4 hours or there abouts. I also acupuncture myself.
Now I know many of you think that acupuncture is a load of crap. Once you try it, or you talk to anyone who has tried it then you will understand. I used a point on my chest called Ren17. If you google image it it will show you. Its the meeting point between the two nipples. I put a 1 inch needle just under the surface of the skin, and covered it up with a plaster so it wouldn't move around. When I keep this in my chest feels better. I didn't cough as much and felt much more free in terms of breathing, I went to work with it in me. After 2 hours I took it out and within a few minutes I started coughing. I hadn't got time between patients to put another needle in, so I waited untili got home to put a new one in. Also, wheni could I put more needles in certain points to take inflammation away from the lungs.
I was going to leave it until today to see how I felt and if I could get rid of it with Zythromax, nebs, pep mask, running and acupuncture. Today I'm not gettingup much phlegm and it's hard instead of gluey gloopy substance. My nose isn't blocked, and I feel my chest just generally better. However, I don't know what caused it, so I will drop a sputum over to Beaumont just so I know if there was an infection or the residual affects of a cold, because this is what happens me when I do get a cold. But I want to make sure. I will know for further reference that when I get this again I will know if it's an infection or not. I will know by that that I will need an antibiotic or some other medication. NOT an IV. I bet if I went to hospital they would have put me on one. The way I see it is that if I can run without feeling crap, and if I feel good anyway then why would I go on an IV?? If a person without CF had these symptoms, would they go on an IV?? Doubt it. This is only my personal experience, and everyone if different. So any other CF'ers reading this. Don't just do it because you heard me saying it. Iv just learnt from the last 25 years with it how to cope with it. What's me, and what's not me. I just feel that young CF kids are put on IVs too much. It's a "lets fight this full on" instead of trying other things. This is how iv been treated anyway. Iv had to forcefully say that I'm not going on IVs. Turns out I didn't need them anyway. I'm not going on such an extreme treatment for something that's not an extreme problem.

Anyway, I will update again if anything changes, and fingers crossed I'm not updating this from a hospital..........Joke!!!!!

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