Monday, November 7, 2011

The Joys Of....

This week has been such a crap week health wise.
I woke up on Tuesday with a sore throat. This was ok. Sore throats aren't the worst. It went in a day anyway. The Thursday I woke up with a blocked nose. I know from past instances that when I get a blocked nose, it always goes into my chest. Not in a serious way but my chest does get the affects of it.
I took Tuesday and Wednesday off just to be safe. The Thursday run started off slow. Ended up fast. I could tell then and there that i will be chesty later on. And I was.
Friday wasn't much better. I went on two runs. An 8 mile in the morning and a 5 mile in the afternoon. I didn't feel anything during or directly after the run which was weird. I still felt a bit chesty though.
Saturday was ok starting out. It was very foggy and cold out. I did a 10 mile run which was ok. It didn't seem to affect the lungs. However, that evening I started to notice that I got more chesty. I started to take Ventolin neb throughout the day. I went out for a meal to an Italian that evening, and afterwards I Acupunctured myself. I noticed my chest being able to open more and it felt easier to breath. Less inflamed.
Today I woke up and started coughing right away. This wasn't the main problem. My tummy. I can never get the enzyme dosage right when I go out to a restaurant. I don't know what it is but it's very annoying.

The meal consisted of the following;
Salmon crostini with dill Mayo and a salad - 2 Creon 25,000
Ravioli with ricotta and spinach filling with tomato sauce - 3 Creon 25,000
Tiramisu - 3 Creon 25,000
I figured this was about right. It's a guessing game when going out to eat and taking Creon. I can hardly ask the chef how much fat/carbs/protein is in this meal. He probably wouldn't know either.
So without fail, I wake up with horrible cramps in my tummy. Can anyone tell me what they take, or what they could advise me on taking when they get cramps from taking too little enzymes???
Because of the tummy pains, I get really tired and my joints seem to hurt. Only a small bit. I can't explain that part?

So at the moment, it is 4:16am. I woke up with a load of energy at 3:10am and coughed. Not wanting to wake the rest of the house up. I can't actually remember going to bed. I always listen to the radio on the iPad going asleep. The iPad was on the floor a bit away from where I had it resting, and it was turned off. Very weird.
I must say that in Traditional Chinese Medicine, each organ has a time zone throughout the day. The lung timezone is between 3 am and 5 am. Iv been told by nurses that people with lung problems seem to die around 4 am. The time zone shows when or if there is a problem in the area that the organ affected will play up during the designated time. So I'm putting me being awake at this time down to the time zone.
All in all it's been a pain in the arse few days. Your probably thinking that this is a normal day to day part of living with CF. It probably is, and I should probably thank my lucky stars it's not every single day of my life that I'm like this.

On a lighter note. I think it's a lighter note. On a run we where talking about Ricky Gervais making jokes about cancer. I think that if there is a topic out there, then you can make a joke out of it. It's the Irish way of dealing with things. When we found out my Dad had cancer, within a few hours we started the jokes. When someone dies,you think of the funny side of them, then you end up making jokes about the stupid funny stuff they did. I think it's good that people can laugh about these things. However, can you think of a joke for CF. It's actually the most boring disease going. You can't make a joke at all about it.
The topics....sticky gluey phlegm. That's not funny.
Crap can that be made into a joke?
Salty skin. That might be a start to a joke, but still a very poor one.
Clubbed fingers? E.T looking hands??? Drumstick fingers?? That's about the best one. Well the E.T hands could go with the protruding stomachs. ET had a protruding stomach. We might be onto something here.

I heard one years ago but can't exactly remember what it was. Or even if it was a true story. It was like "when myself and my wife where having sex, I didn't know if she was breathing deeply from the sex, or that her CF would make her breathless".

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