Monday, January 2, 2012

Introvenous Antibiotics

I have been so lucky, to not have ever been on IV treatment. At the age of 25 i have stayed well away from them. Although the Doctors have suggested the treatment, but I think that was with the idea of "let's blast the bug out". Even when I'm not actually feeling that bad, they suggested them. I'm not suggesting that you should take my idea and be stubborn towards the treatment. I just felt that I wasn't sick enough to warrant IVs.
During the last few years I have thought about the idea of IVs. The needle going not my vein, and hooked up to one of those trollies that has a dribble bag. Excuse the ignorance, but I'm not sure how they are actually given, but this is what I imagine. I can see it step by step. Sitting in the hospital bed, in my pyjamas, with the nurse showing me how to execute the procedure. The thought did frighten me at the start. Thinking, well CF creeps up on every patient and at the end of the day, if your not active, your going to get worse, and end up on IVs. 
The thought was highlighted when reading Salty Baby by Orlando Tinsley. When reading it, I actually felt slightly depressed. It's a very honest book and gives a true insight into what it's like to live with CF. It has strong emotions throughout the book. This is probably why I felt such strong feeling towards it, and the fact that I have CF.
What I took from everything over the years is that, if I keep thinking "sure I'm going to end up on IVs. It's inevitable no matter what I do", I might as well just sit down now and fade away. But I think every CF'er has a fighter inside them. 
I spoke to my parents about this when I felt down in the dumps. What they said is that, when I was diagnosed they had the same feelings. They where told I wouldn't make it to the age of 10. They fought with every Doctor, and every nurse to keep me out of hospital, keep me off IVs. However, they did think, what is the point of this when he won't even make it to the age of 10. If they kept that attitude then I probably wouldn't be typing this up now. They said, well we will give him the best quality of life for the 10 years and make sure he won't die. I'm sure it scared them, and they never stopped thinking about that 10 years of age figure. But it's the same with me. If I keep thinking what might be or what could be then what is the point. That's why I run so much. I don't purposely say I'm going running so I don't die from CF. Running is a passion, and it just so happens that my CF. It's who defines me. I'm not the same person if I don't run. I get annoyed with the smallest things.then if I don't do it for a long period of time, then I get this reminder that I have this stupid CF. 
Remember back in the summer where I got so annoyed with running, that I stopped. Well before that I thought I could have possibly grown out of CF. Now for people who read this, and don't know about CF.....You CAN'T grow out of it. I will have it until I die, or a cure comes around.but a cure won't come around for as long as I'm here. But that period of time where I stopped running was a stark reminder of what path I could go down. It's not the road I want to drive on. So in a way, even if I wanted to give up running. I can't. I cant do any other sport because in my eyes, its not as hard or as good on your lung. Cross Country Skiing might be, but I can't go cross cow try skiing out my front door, or in Ireland. 
Rewinding back to the IVs. There is a possibility that I might have to go on them. But I don't know when, or if that day will come. So until then, I just have to keep doing what I'm doing and not worry about what might happen.

Enough of that. New Years Resolutions. They're crap. I wonder has anyone actually carried out a resolution for the whole year and beyond?? What people should just do is try to be a better you. Simple and easy. Better yourself in every way from the previous year. None of this joining a gym with a 12 month membership, and only using the first month. However, if you do decide to go down that route. Limit yourself to once a week for a month. You will want to go back every week. Before you know it, you will find yourself going twice, maybe  3 times a week. It's a life change, not a month change. If you go 3/4 times a week in January, come February, you won't want to go at all. Slow progression. Try it and see what happens.


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  1. Hi Evan,

    I found your blog through

    I have CF as well. I like your stance on IVs. Unfortunately I started taking them at 16. I was in Crumlin Hospital at the time and they didn't really give me a choice. During my leaving cert I was on them for 2 weeks every six weeks. There was a doctor there who just prescribed them every time I went in for anything and my mam just went with it. They weren't keen on me doing them at home either so at least 5 days out of every 14 were spent in hospital, then the rest at home.

    I haven't had them since last February though so I'm coming up to a year. Since I transitioned to St. Vincent's I haven't been hospitalised. Basically if you're capable of doing them at home, they don't want you taking up a bed that someone else could be using it, which I love.

    I'm 20 now and just trying to stay as healthy as possible.

    Keep up the good work, and definitely try and stay off them if you can.

    All the best,