Saturday, December 31, 2011

Annoying Phrases

Sentences that annoy me.
There are certain sentences that really annoy me. They have no relevance in the actual story. I normally don't get annoyed about things. However, certain noises, like that noise outside supermarkets to keep young people from standing around (I know that's what it's there for). Or when I'm driving and I can hear something rattle. I have to pull over and find it.
So with that. Iv compiled a list of thing people say that annoy me.

1 - saying "Like" after a sentence and especially when pronounced like "Loike". Your not comparing anything so why say it?
2 - "Ya Know". I got annoyed at this one day when I wasn't in a great humour and the person I was talking to kept on saying "Ya Know", but he elongated the "ya" so it was more like "yaaaaaaaaaaaa know"
3 - "I'm not gonna lie..." at the start of a sentence. I just can't even explain why this annoys me.
4 - "To be honest". This is normally coupled with the previous annoyance. Why say it?? It's a waste of words.
5 - "I'm not a racist but........". Yes you are.
6 - saying "I mean" before a sentence, when you didn't actually say anything beforehand to explain what you mean. "I mean I just don't get it". Why put the "I mean" in when your not saying anything before that sentence. This is one of the biggest annoyances.
7 - saying "look" before they speak. E.G "look I'm very disappointed". There is no need for the look word. 
8 - equally annoying is "listen". "listen I'm going down the road, would you like anything". People just add words in to make sentences longer.
9 - the word Pro-Active. There is no need for the word pro in proactive. It's like saying pre-before. It means the same thing. Again, people just adding stuff in to make the sentence longer.
10 - "I personally". Do I need to explain this one?
11 - "come here to me" when your right beside someone and they start a sentence??
12 - "and I turned around and said" - where Did you turn around from? (Submitted by Mad-Lin)

I think that's all I have for the moment. I feel like I'm leaving something out. If you have a particular annoyance leave a comment underneath.

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