Sunday, February 5, 2012

CF Interaction

I will start off with something totally irrelevant to CF. But it's a good story nonetheless. Nike have created prosthetics. Very good idea by Nike.

Now. For CF related stories. Whoever takes Scandishake. You can get rid of the fork and the lumps inside the shake, and say hello to a few extra minutes of your life if you use this.

It's a protein shaker for gym goers. It makes mixing powder so much easier. So pick yourself up one.

For the last week, I have upped the mileage to 80 miles a week. The last time I did that was June. Then I got pissed off with getting injured so I stopped running.
I did my first tempo run since June also. It was a 7 mile run. Fairly hilly also.
First mile was 6 minutes.
2nd mile - 5:45
3rd mile 5:28
Then the rest where between 5:15 and 5:20

Until last week, if I ran a 5:15 min mile I would have been in bits. So this was a good result for the first tempo. For yous non running people. A tempo or a run done at a certain level, and is a fast, but not race pace, amd not going all out.

Because of the increase in training, I have been more productive. And for you non CF people, productive means getting up more phlegm. I suppose it's residual phlegm that would constantly be there if I wasn't training. Even when you do some physio, it still doesn't mean that your lungs are phlegm free. That's the phlegm you need to worry about. That is where the infection starts.

I recently found out that some CF'ers don't see anything wrong with spending time with one another. I can't get my head around this?? The thought is that you can catch something off a person without CF, who has a cough. How ridiculous is this? First off, you could catch something from a person who has a cough regardless if the person has CF or not. But when we can, we should limit the contact between people with CF, amd people who are sick. Spending time with CF'ers could be more detrimental, because of infections that we are susceptible. I.E MRSA, Pseudamonas. Why would you want to put your body through this??
I can understand this. I also can't understand why people with CF don't take their medication. Meaning behind this is that we forget? FORGET? Do you forget hat you have an IV in yu, or just around the corner from going on IVs if you don't take them? It should be constantly on your mind. I have to take this this and this, so many times a day.
I don't think there is one day that I don't think about having CF. It is something that is apart of me, something I have no choice of whether I want to live with it. I do think of what would it be like if I didnt have to live without it. If I didn't have to take the amount of medication I do. And I know, the amount of meds I take doesn't even rival what some other CFs are on. I feel some people with CF go through this rebellious stage, and some don't come out of it, amd I think that's the people who don't take meds, and meet up with other people with CF. Why do you think that people with CF fight for isolated rooms in hospitals, and then other people with CF just through it back in their faces by wanting to meet other people with CF. I can't get my head around it at all. It frustrates me.



  1. I don't understand why people with CF would want to mix either and got in trouble on a forum the other week for voicing my opinion on it, as if I was in the wrong stating it was irresponsible which I think it is. There is so much in CF you can't control, cross infection is one thing you can try control!!

  2. CFers try to be like a family and we should all stick together type attitude. Maybe they are right with that part. I have never met another CF and don't plan on doing so either.
    I bet the ones giving out to you are the very same ones saying we need better facilities, more single rooms etc.

    What forum was it on?

  3. I think with facebook, internet etc there is no excuse really to meet up, I have lots of CF friends who I chat to online but would never meet up with them due to the risks to them and me!
    It was a forum for mothers/want to be mothers with CF, next week they'll be upset they miss their kids as they have cultured something new and need to go in to hospital... lol

  4. Exactly. They need to think about themselves and not think they are excluded from infections. I can't see the logic in it. Really annoys me.
    Also, missing medication. Granted, I might miss the odd day during the year, but to go through a few days a week without meds, or couldn't be bothered attitude. These are the ones that I just can't understand. By not taking them, doesn't mean it's going to go away!!