Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Explaining My Run

Im just finished a run. It was a good one. So here is how it went.

5 miles in 5:40 minute mile pace.

10 minutes of easy running.

1 minute X 2 (60sec rest)

50 sex X 2 (50sec rest)

40 sec X 2 (40sec rest)

30 X 2 (30sec rest)

20sec X 2 (20sec rest)

10sec X 2 (10sec rest)

Then 2 miles cool down

Now my calves hurt so much for some reason. They started hurting around 1 mile into the run. I think I will use the hydro ice bath in the clinic. Normally does the trick.

What is also interesting is that I don't cough doing the fast part, but then when I do the easy running, I start coughing??? I would love an explanation.

While the structure of this post is all over the place, I might as well keep with it. I was making French toast the other day. First of all I forgot the sugar in the egg, so I put it on the bread in the pan. The phone rang, I answered, but also tried doing something with the pan and burnt my forearm with it. The soft part of the forearm. So I have a big dirty burn on it now. To make things worse, putting the sugar on the bread while it's on the pan is very wrong. I ended up burning the bread to a crisp after a few seconds!!! Worst morning in a long while. I had to start over from scratch.
Another thing while I'm at it. A local shop was selling 6 pack of Lucozade Original (my favourite drink) for €3. I bought 3 six packs which is 18 bottles for you who can't add. I drank the 18 bottles in 5 days, and on the 6th day I drank 1 litre of it. I actually felt like my blood was boiling. I was constantly scratching. So I'm giving Lucozade up. I can't just limit myself because I will end up just having a few bottles a day.

What's even worse is that the shop is now selling a 6 pack for €2 now!!!!

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