Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lost Mouthpiece

The last few frantic days, have resembled the life of Indiana Jones, in search of a mouthpiece. The boulder chasing him, coincides with a lung infection chasing after me, waiting for that moment when I trip up.
Like Indiana Jones, I escaped a near death experience. This is a bit melodramatic but why not spice the story up. 

The real story went like this. I took my Nebuliser two days ago. Forgot where I put the mouthpiece. Went to look for it today and couldn't find it. Looked everywhere, even the clothes I was wearing two days ago to see if I left it in the pocket. So the search continued until I had the bright idea of searching the couch. Looked under the cushions and found the mouthpiece. Don't ask why it was there, and who didn't notice they had pushed it down the side of the couch??
Your probably thinking, why am I only taking my nebs every few days. Answer is, I only have to take one Neb, and it's every second day. I only take Hypertonic Saline 7%. Although, if I have a fast run that day, or if I have a race I take my Ventolin Nebuliser, because I have exercised enduced Asthma. Sometimes I think that my chest throws everything it can at me in the effort to try stopping me from exercise. Realistically, or statistically, having CF and Exercised Enduced Asthma, I really shouldn't be running. Although, that's crap. I don't really look at statistics. To quote an Irish athlete - "no expectations, no limits". So if I have the expectation that I will follow the usual course of a CF'er, then I will limit myself in what I believe I can do. Good man Ciaran O Lionaird!!!! Keep an eye out for Ciaran in the coming Olympics

Now, onto Valentines Day. I won't bore you with the details. But I will tell you a out the dinner I made. It was a warm duck salad (mixed babby lettuce leaves, red chard and rocket) with mango and basil dressing, with diced beetroot, feta cheese, shallots, fresh mangos and a hint of chilli, with a side of grilled ciabatta. Mango and basil dressing was made from scratch so don't think I went out and bought ready made crap!! However, I did buy ready made dessert because Marks and Spencers Spotted Dick puddings are TO.DIE.FOR!! And the custard from M&S. Oh yum. I hope I made you hungry because I made myself hungry again. If you want the recipe for the mango and basil dressing then comment and I will give it to you.


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