Friday, February 17, 2012

Protruding Stomach

I know I shouldn't really be giving out about this seen as its probably the only thing I can give out about in regards CF. Such a small problem, but it actually really annoys me. Self conscious, I know, but to quote Kanye West - "we all self conscious, I'm just the first to admit it". He is right. No matter how you think you don't care about what you look like, you really do. When you buy even a t shirt, you look for the nicest one, and not just the closest to the check-out. "the beauty is within" type attitude, is kind of irrelevant at first encounters. You don't meet a person for the first time and say "don't they look really sound". We always judge. No matter who you are. You will always judge.
Obviously there is beauty within, and once you get to know the person, then looks dont really mean a whole lot. But I'm talking about the first instance.

I'm not sure how I got talking about the last paragraph.

I gave up Lucozade Original for the last two weeks. Not because of my sugar levels (for non CF'ers. Us CF'ers can get diabetes easier then others). I gave it up for the sake of drinking way too much. As in, I drank 18 bottles of it in just under 5 days. That's sick. I have also been told that CF'ers choice of drink is a nice cold bottle of Lucozade!!!!
So, I never really thought about it, but Lucozade has glucose syrup in it. Glucose syrup can cause adbominal obesity (beer belly type of look). Since I cut this out, iv noticed my tummy has gone down by a good bit. It's not as if it was sticking out like I was pregnant. I just notice it myself.
I'm not saying that if CF'ers cut out fizzy drinks that they won't have any abdominal distension. But it helped mine go down.

Thinking of this post. This blog is more like my diary then a blog. I suppose, anything that comes to mind while I'm writing this, I will put down. I'm surprised I haven't gotten myself into trouble. *fingers crossed*

While I'm at it. When priests say "By the powers vested in me", what are they talking about?? Priests are normal people who grow up, go to and study Theology, and graduate, then get pushed off to a parish, or Africa etc. so how does going to Theology college give them powers??? As far as I'm concerned, Priests are there to speak about God and be like a customer helpline to God. They read the bible to everyone at the church, like your parents reading a book to you when you where a little child.
Im not one of these atheists who rant on about there's no such thing as God. I beleieve in God, and i am Catholic. But I just don't see how going to college gives them "powers vested inside" them, like some sort of Harry Potter character.
I studied Sports Therapy and then Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. That hardly gives me "powers" to heel people. It gives me knowledge on how to make people better.
This is about the time I should say "rant over". I also hate that. It is obvious that when the last sentence is finished that your rant is over. It's like saying "full stop" at the end of each sentence.


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