Friday, February 10, 2012

Mileage Increase = Deeper Breaths

Today on my run around 5 miles into it, I had to stop to climb over a fence. With that I got up hard mucus. Like dried stuff. Sun dried mucus!!!!!!

Anyway. From previous experience, this is a good sign. This week has been a break through in regards to fitness. I ran my first steady run in nearly a year. It has come to the stage where I actually need to take an easy day after my steady run days. I like doing this. Its a sign where I am getting somewhere, again in fitness terms. Hopefully, I can translate this into a race.
While sitting down, I feel like my breaths have become deeper, and my chest can open more. I don't have this stuffy sensation in my lungs. It's not as if I woke up and figured, my lungs can expand more. But I just took a deep breath and realised that if I kept going that my ribs would crack. Now, I know, this is physically impossible, unless you have the strongest diaphragm in the world!! A horse diaphragm in a human body?? But you get my analogy.
Along with increased fitness, I also need to keep a look at my iron. I don't need my iron to go back down to 3.2. Which is ridiculously low. It should be over 14!! Thanks nurses/Doctors/phlebotomy, or whoever should read the blood tests. I found out myself. Anyway, I started taking my iron again. When I wasn't training, I didn't take it because my iron is ok when I don't train. So there is no need. I'm running 80 miles this week and I should start taking it. I have a blood test, and my 3 monthly hospital visit. (every 3 months). I can't wait for my PFT (lung function test). I think my last one was 87%. I want to beat that. It keeps going up, so if I get over 90% this time I will be happy. They won't be happy with the weight iv lost. I think it's around 6/7kg since my last visit. But that's when I was a fat shit. As in for a runner, not for a person without CF. if your reading this, and think Doctors tell you to put on weight in case of an infection, then ignore this last sentence. There is a saying in athletics. If you look sick then your fit. If you look healthy then your not fit!!!

I want to do a survey. I know what your PFT (lung function) FEV1 reading is. Post it below. I read a forum and a person had its FEV1 at 115%. I'm sure they are getting mixed up between FVC and their FEV1.
My friend did a PFT and his FEV1 was 84%, and he is an international athlete. So it's an interesting topic. Leave a comment with your FEV1 results.
For yous who have no idea what an FEV1 is, it's defined as the expiratory volume in the first second. So basically the outbreath volume %.



  1. My fev1 was 120% when I transitions to adults and my fvc was even higher. It's not a mix up, its just to do with what's predicted for your height and age.

    I trained as a singer though so my breath control has always been good, even only dropping 0.05l with pneumonia.

  2. my fev1 is 43% at the moment (good for me), fvc is 50%. You can get higher than 100% if your lungs hold more air than what is expected for your age and height