Monday, March 12, 2012

Stag in Manchester

As write this, I am passing by the Old Trafford stadium. I must admit, I am feeling like a proper tourist. However, a person stopped me and asked for directions, which funnily enough, I was able to give. 
Looking at Old Trafford, I think, wow this is madness. Champions League finals, and countless trophies where won and lost inside there. I have little interest in football, but it is still pretty cool.
I arrived in Manchester at 7:10am. Got to he hotel at 8. Turns out they won't have a room free until 2pm. So, I left my bags and went to the Trafford Centre. The place is huge. It sound weird, that a man would go shopping of his own accord. I love shopping, so I'm probably not a "real man". Women, of your looking at getting your man some aftershave then smell Tom Ford Lavender. It is amazing. Yaz got me the Tom Ford Tobacco & Vanilla. It's by far, the nicest aftershave iv ever smelt. And yes, it does small like its title. 
I went and bought the best jumper ever. If your ever in London/Manchester then check out FootAsylum. That place is brilliant. Westfield Shopping Centre in London. It's another huge Shopping Centre.
So in the space of 45 minutes iv spent £195. Damn. It's all worth it though. I got two pairs of Chinos, a shirt, a tie, a pocket tie, some shoes, and a jumper. Them I got Yaz some other stuff but that's not included in the £195. If yous don't know, Yaz in my girlfriend. 
I have a few more hours to kill, so I'm going to two more places. Size? (it's the name of the shop, and it has a question mark at the end). It's a shoe/runner/kicks/sneaker shop. It's good. Then I'm off to Jamie Oliver's for some lunch. I'm looking forward to it. The last one I was at in London was so nice, and it's not that expensive either. 
What I have noticed, is that Manchester looks glum. The weather could co tribute to this factor. It's miserable out. Like Ireland, but not cold.
I would be completely lost is it wasn't for my iPad, and the map app. 
I love finding food stalls. I stumbled upon a Halal food stall. From my experience, Halal food stalls are amazing. My best kebab iv ever had was a kebab from a Halal stall in New York. I will never find one like it again. 
Seen as I don't eat lamb, I go for a beef or a chicken kebab. This kebab, which was £3.50 by the way, was full to the brim with 2 chicken kebab skewers, lettuce, rice, some sort of chillie/pepper mixture, chilli sauce, and yogurt. It was very very nice. What ruined it was charity workers coming over, and chatting with me. Not trying to sell anything, but just chatting. Like the time she visit Dublin and bought €150 worth of coke. Not the drink!!! Which left her with €50 to do her two days. She ruined my kebab. Without notice, all her charity friends came over, slagging me saying "there is no potato in that kebab". To her, and my surprise, there was potato in it.
Off I went on my travels, looking for more stalls, and shops to part with my money. I had to hold myself back from what I encountered when u turned the corner. A huge cake and pastry stall. This will be my treat to myself tomorrow. 
Fortunately, there seems to be a constant connection to a Wi-Fi signal. Luckily for me, I found Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant. 
The street resembles Londons Bond Street. Full of expensive, flash cars, with people looking pretentious. But who am I to judge. So in i walk, a grand entrance, with a buzz about the place. Knowing well that Jamie himself isn't here, my imagination takes over, and I can vision him cooking my lunch for me right now. 
I have ordered a Ginger Mojito. It's non alcoholic, but it is absolutely amazing. 

Stay tuned for day 2


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