Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Super Busy

I have neglected my responsibilities, and the upkeep of this blog!!!!
I have been extremely busy with work/running that I haven't got a chance to put together a few words, and when I do have time, the last thing i think about is telling a story!!!!!!!
I am nearly done with the CF core routine. It took longer then expected, so my apologies on that from whoever emailed me. I will send it on as soon as it is finished.
This weekend, I am travelling to .........I can't say where abouts it is, because my brother might be reading this, and find out where his stag is. Nice try!!!! A few problems have risen from travelling to this place, and I can tell all when I arrive back. I can tell you, that I booked my flight from 6:30 in the morning. Everyone else arrives at 9pm. That leave me with a whole day to do nothing.
Firstly I was thinking, what the hell am I going to do. But then I figured, I can actually do nothing. I can't wait for it now.
Up until the Sunday just gone, I have had 1 day off work in a month, with some days working 13 hours. My one day off wasn't enough. I felt like I needed more. So this trip is a perfect excuse. Friday to Sunday off work. Amazing. Remember to read this blog again on Monday for an update of the stag!!!!
My training has been getting better, in regards distance, and average speed. I'm doing between 70/80 miles a week. I'm going to keep it there for a bit, and when I'm told, move up or down in terms of distance. I ran my first interval session in a year last Saturday. This was a shock to the system. Worse of all was my arms. They hadn't a clue what was going on.
Yesterday I did another speed session. This consisted of a 2 mile warm up. Then 1 mile in 4:44sec. After that I did 7 times 400 meters in 67seconds with a 1 minute recovery. Finally a 2 mile warm down. It felt easier then last Saturday. I felt more controlled and felt more comfortable.
After last Saturday, I felt I was breathing in fire. I didn't take my ventolin nebuliser as I didnt think I was doing that run. So I took a few puffs of the inhaler. Rookie mistake Evan. Saturday and Sunday consisted of taking my Neb every 4 hours, while barking like a dog (coughing). I didn't mind, as it was a good excuse to use my new Eflow Neb. This is unreal, and I still can't get over how fast it is. It takes around 90seconds, or probably shorter, to finish. No noise, fast, and portable. The only problem I have with it is that I have to tilt the mouthpiece to get every drop of the Ventolin. That was a bad fault with the making of it. Stupid to be honest. Oh, and the bloody noise of those beeps. I can't stand them. Little noises like that really annoy me. But all in all, it's unbelievable.

I'm not sure if iv ever posted a story about my love for runners/sneaker/kicks. Whichever country your from you will understand those 3 words. Anyway. Every since I was smaller, I have been obsessed with them. I can't really explain it. I will try put together a post on why I love them.
The other week I got a pair of Nike Jordan 4's. These where released in '89, but rereleased a few weeks ago. They sold out in America in about 30 minutes. Lucky for me, I got mine before they went on sale in the U.S. They cost me €140, but I looked on a site that bought a few pairs and now sell them on the site, and they have doubled from what I bought them!! This is another thing. I probably won't wear these, as I could sell them on in a good few years and make a profit from them. They are on sale on eBay and are going for about double. Type in "Jordan IV White Cement" and you can see.

Until my post next week....


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