Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wedding Bells

No not mine!!! My brothers.

My brother got married yesterday. Typical Irish weather, it stared to lash. However, the weather held off for the pictures, amd what not.
The church service was funny. First of all, my phone went off. I thought I had it on silent. I'm always in demand!! Turns out it was a client who needed treatment done on their leg. There was a song being played, and my brother whispered "all I can picture is horses on a carousel", and it was a perfect image to go with the song. So the giggle set in. It came to the priest saying "Lamb Of God.....". Low and behold, there was a farmer sitting beside me. My sister boyfriend, James. Curiosity got the better of me, so I whispered "is the Lamb Of God on your farm", which set him off. Fun was had at the service!!! 
I'm not leaving out my cock up with the prayer. I was the last to talk, gave my prayer, and stood there like a fool, thinking, why is everyone just looking at me, and the priest not walking back up to the alter. At the end of the prayer, I was supposed to say "lord hear us". I left it out until a person shouted it up. Bloody heck!!!

I found it weird that my brother is now married, and we have another person in the family. I still do find it weird. We are all growing up so fast. Huh!!! I suppose it's my turn next, going on what everyone keeps asking/expecting. Huh!!!
The hotel was absolutely amazing. Dunboyne Castle was the venue. Go check it out. We got all the photos taken, and a bit of snacks etc. I don't think iv ever drank as much tea as I did that day. It didn't help, because i was in bed for 1 o clock. Knackered.

I always love spending the night in a hotel. One of the things I always do is check the showers out and give them a test. Either that or the bath. When I woke up, Yaz had already left as she had college, so I made myself a cup of tea, sat in bed and watched crap, then had a lovely shower. By the way, it was a lovely shower!!!
Darren and Rocio seemed to have enjoyed it, and are now in Croatia on their honeymoon.

Running is going good, I suppose. It takes so long to get back to where I want to be, or where I was running at an ok standard. Doing speed sessions, and getting into the swing of things isn't easy, especially when I'm training with middle distance athletes, and I'm a long distance athlete. It's fun though, which is the main thing. When it becomes boring, it means it's work, and that won't get you anywhere.
Iv stopped taking my Ventolin Neb before a hard run, and just take a few puffs of the inhaler. I find no difference and I don't get those horrible shakes from the nebs. The Singulair is also working nicely. I can't complain about that, amd it has eased my chest down a huge amount. Aww Yeah!!!

Enjoy the photos

Place Names

Mammy, the Bride (Rocio), The Brides Mammy and Daddy

Myself and Yaz

Myself and Yaz again. Aww

myself, James (Caoifes boyfriend), and my brother Ian

Myself and my sister Caoife

The Boys. Me, James, Darren (the groom)and Ian

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  1. Love the pics! Sounds like you all had a great time :)