Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mentality in Society

I have recently found out that the Irish Social Welfare budget per year is 21 billion a year. I know some people actually do need it, and in this 21 billion, it takes into account Disability Allowance. However, I'm sure that the people who sit on their arse, and do nothing all day, take up the  majority of this 21 billion that's on offer.
You might say, why don't they make people who are on the dole clean the streets, or paint fences. I think this might been seen as a Stalin-esq Russian regime, and this I don't agree with.
However, I do agree with the incentive that the government have at the moment. It's like an internship where people who go to work and earn an extra €50 on top of the €188 dole money. The argument on this is that the small minded people say "I'm not working for €50 a week", and they don't see that the other €188 that they get is included in this. I know that €238 a week isn't a lot, but it can create job opportunities, network, and give your self worth a boost. 
If the adults of today sit at home and play with their children, instead of working. It will create a selfless society, where the kids will deem this ok to just sit at home. An attitude that "sure I get more money if I sit at home and do nothing". 
I heard a man on the radio saying that by the time he takes away taxes, and child care that he has to pay, he ends up with €4 more then what he would make on the dole. I know I would rather get €4 more and making something of myself, then to sit on my arse and look at Homes Under The Hammer and The Jeremy Kyle Show. 

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I have just been mad busy and haven't had time to actually sit down to construct a post.
I'm racing next Wednesday in my first track race in I think 3 or 4 years. It has been that long that I can't remember when I last raced on it. It will be good to get back on it though. 

As for CF. I'm very excited with the news and progress of the drugs. It's very promising and it gives hope to everyone with CF.
I have been on the Singulair for about 6 weeks now, and I have found a significant difference in the way of my chest being much calmer after hard speed sessions. I am down to only taking 2 puffs of an Inhaler before the hard runs and nothing before normal runs. 
This week has proven difficult. My sister and my mam are both sick with a cough and some sort run down feeling. I havent really felt anything until yesterday, and today. It started getting worse. I felt last saturday, i couldnt run as easily as normal, but just put it down to being tired from the training. However, I started to get a headache and I was productive more so uesterday and today. So for the first time in years, iv had to take a double dose of Hyp Saline to make sure nothing happens, and started back on my Pep Mask, just to be sure. I also didn't take a break from running because I didn't want any mucus getting cosy in the blankets of my lungs!!
In the last few hours, there has been a turn around. I feel much better and it's harder to get mucus up now. Not that I can't get it up, but there's nothing to get up. 

Finally, I have bid on a pair of runners/sneaker. Nike Air Yeezy 2. They were created by Kanye West. They retailed at £200, but the resale on them is normally £1500 and upwards. Some lunatic bought a pair for $89,000 which I think is a bit of a misfigure. I can't see anyone spending that on footwear. I will have to wait another 17 hours to see if I have won the bid or not. 
I shall be in touch.


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