Saturday, July 7, 2012

"Don't You Have Multiple Sclerosis?"

As Promised...and just on time.

It all started this day 3 weeks ago. Although, I was feeling off when I was running for a week previous to this, but I put this down to just training.
I remember doing 10 by 300m on the track. This basically means doing 300m, taking a break and doing this 10 times. I felt crap.
Next day, I woke up with what I thought was an ear ache. Did a 90 min run. Felt crap.
Woke up on the Monday. Ear ache much worse. Started acupuncturing, which helped, and took Difene. 
Wednesday, 3 days later, I had a race. Didn't feel great and had a headache, along with an ear ache. But I ignored it and wanted to race. Had an awful race, and I felt I had no reason for it. Until about 24 hours later.
I was treating a client and BOOM. I had this unreal stabbing pain right in my tooth. It was 3/4 way through the treatment. I stopped the treatment and said she had to leave. She wasn't happy, but I didn't charge her as I didn't feel I gave her a proper treatment. I was dying with the pain. I'm not being melodramatic here!
I went down to Yaz house to see if she had pain killers. She tried to convince me to cancel the rest of my patients for the day, but it was 7pm and I only had 2 more. I could see how the pain killers went. They worked, and I didn't have to cancel. When I got home. Holy Jesus Christ the pain. There had been 1 pain in my life that had reduced me to tears and that was when my ear drum burst. This felt close enough to that. I was a MAN though and didn't cry!
When I woke up, I rang the dentist. I was left with 2 options. 
1-Root canal €1000
2-tooth extraction €75

Guess which one I went for. So 5 minutes later, the tooth was out. No pain, which mean, I was going back to work. I HATE cancelling people. I didn't feel I had a reason to. I later found out that I was wrong.
I worked a half day and canceled the rest.
So here is my drug list from that Friday (not including CF related drugs)
6 Difene
6 Solpadol
Whatever anaesthetic the dentist used X3
And 2 of these tablet morphine stuff.

I was out for the count after the last  stuff. Now here's the funny part. I somehow woke up during the night, searched on eBay, bid on a pair of runners. Got a confirmation email 3 days later to say "congratulations, you won the bid". To my surprise, I opened the email, and there's a pair of runners I won, that I have no recollection of bidding on. I got a huge bargain also. Normally €110 and I got them for €40 (including shipping). They arrived and are brilliant. My zombified self can even get nice looking stuff. Now that's vogue!

From then I have reduced the amount of pain killers/anti inflammatories over the course of 10 days. What took so long is that there was an infection in the gum/root.  I have kept up my running, which slowed down the heeling, but I had no choice because I have to keep running or else my lungs will get worse. I should get "Catch22" tattooed onto me. 

The article about me in the Irish Independent was good. I liked the headline "I should have died when I was 10, but running everyday keeps me alive". A bit dramatic, and a misquote. I did say that, but not like that. I should have been dead at 10 but that's crap, and I'm not one for listening to people! 
So let's get #LoveYourLungs trending on twitter. It's for Love Your Lungs Campaign. Link my blog and put #LoveYourLungs. Lung disease is huge in Ireland, so it's only right that people should know about it. 
I was asked once 
"don't you have multiple sclerosis?", 
no I have "Cystic Fibrosis". 
"What is that?"

So please let's get lung diseases widely recognised. 


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