Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Life Throws You Bricks

Mentally, I'm wired. Physically, I feel like a newly born giraffe trying to stand on its 4 legs.

I'll start with 5 weeks ago with the tooth extraction. The pain killers and anti inflammatories actually took a toll on my body. Trying to run was hard, and felt drained for 2 weeks after that. It took maybe 3 weeks for me to feel like I could pick the pace up at will. Trying to do a speed session was unsuccessful. It took nearly 4 weeks for me to get back on the running track and feel capable to do 400m repeats at the pace I was doing previous to the tooth saga.

This week, I'm faced with another door. I opened it, and got this frustrating cough. It started last Thursday. I drove 800km in just over 24 hours. 
My day went as follows. Drove to Waterford City, which was 2 hours away, did a track session. Went to a friends house (David McCarthy) all the way in the mountains in one of Ireland's most remote corners. It wOuld be a great place to chill and take life as it comes. 
We had little time to shower, eat, and then leave to Cork City Sports where I was doing a bit of work on athletes. For some reason I thought it was 30mins from Daves house to Cork City. Turned out it was 90 mins. We drove back to Daves house. Time for tea and then bed around 2 in the morning.
Up for 9, and run for 10 am in one of the nicest places i have ran in. It was nice and hilly. During the run I nearly got my face chewed off by a very angry dog. It was a close one.
After the run, showered, fed, and drove back 3 hours back to the clinic where I was working until 9. My day didn't finish there. I had to do another run. Something changed on the run. I started to get a bit of a sore throat.
I woke up Friday and felt like a just ate fire and m throat felt like I swallowed glass. I had a day off running, but I wouldn't have been able to run anyway with the way I was feeling. Saturday was the same, if not worse. Sunday got a small bit better but still wouldn't have been able to even walk without coughing. I had a feeling on Friday that I would need some steroids to relax my chest.
I woke up early and went to the hospital to see if I could get seen to. I waited 2 hours, got a full blood test and went in to see Prof. My prediction, steroid prescription.  One would think I could go home and relax. I went straight to work until 9 at night. Went home and took the steroids. 

My sleep has been all over the place recently. Getting to sleep at 4 and waking at 9:30. Last night 2:30am and woke at 7:00am. Which brings me back to the opening line. My head is wired, and feels like I could write 20 blog posts while running 20 miles at 5 minute pace. However, when I tried to go downstairs to get a drink and 6 more steroids, I felt like he new born giraffe I spoke about. It was funny. When getting back up the stairs, I tried to do a pull up on the bar outside my room. I couldn't do 1 rep. 

So it has been 5 days since I last ran. I'm stuck at a catch 22. I need to exercise to clear my lungs but I physically can't. I haven't an alternative solution, and if I did, it would sort out a lot of CF'ers.

It is safe to say that this horrible circle of getting to a certain point in training and something happens. It has been 6 years at this point.I either go over on my ankle, or a get this phantom sickness. I can get to a good point in training but it's nothing compared to being able to train to race at a good standard. Very frustrating. 

(From left to right) John, Ciaran, Me, Dave Mac, Philip, Anto, Dave Fitz.


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