Saturday, August 4, 2012

No Mucus

Well it took long enough. Today marks the 14 day of this phantom cough. Thing is I got a cold during it which meant post nasal drip. So I think the mucus was coming from there. Completely white, and sometimes see through (anyone who doesn't have CF might feel nauseous right now).
Today I did a 26 minute run. I got about 3 miles done in that time. For a runner, it's pathetic. But I have to start back somewhere, and it was a case of siding on caution rather then not feeling good. My 24 minute run yesterday left my legs in bits. It's funny how not running for 2 weeks can leave your legs feeling like they never ran before. Although, there was a few days when I wasn't even walking, so maybe that could be a reason.
I did my pep mask and for the last 2 weeks I have been getting crap up. Normally the pep doesn't do anything for me, but when I can't run, I need to do some sort of clearance. Today marked the first day that I couldn't get anything up. I'm back to having CF impedancey!!!! My lungs also didn't go into spasm, which was another first in 2 weeks.
Tomorrow I will run between 30-35 mins. Sunday somewhere between 30-40 mins. Looking forward to stepping it up. Aaah yeaaaaa.

Sleep is still an issue. Sometimes I'd sleep a full 12-13 hours, and then I could sleep 3-4 hours. There is no pattern. I have 6 or 7 more days on the steroids, so once I stop them then I'll be ok. My eyesight has also gone very fuzzy. Another side effect to these bloody red pills. There was a time when the steroids used to taste nice. Like sugar. Now they just don't taste. Maybe I was given a placebo sugar tablet when I was younger!!! Lol (can't believe I just used lol)

I'm super excited (can't believe I just said that also) for the Olympics. Men's 10,000m final is on tomorrow. Kenenisa Bekele is going to win. I think Mo Farah will be 3rd or 4th. Tariku Bekele could get a medal and Galen Rupp could come 3rd or 4th also. Watch out for those 4 names.


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  1. Glad your cough is sorting itself out. Mo Farah was awesome in the 10K! I can't even image running that fast. Just brilliant :)