Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back To Normality

Since Saturday I have ran for over 30 minutes on each day.
Saturday - 43 minutes (last 2 miles at 6 minute per mile)
Sunday - 35 minutes (5miles)
Monday - 34 minutes (5miles)
Tuesday - 31 minutes (5miles)

Saturday was a funny run. I went over on my ankle, then I got so dizzy I had to sit down, and when I was at 28 minutes I said id run to the shops as someone said it was just across the road. It was about a mile down the road. I got a bottle of Lucozade, a Tracker bar and a pack of Jelly Tots. I didn't want to walk back so I ran and ate/drank while running. I was only supposed to do 30 minutes NOT 43 but it was a good test. If I didn't do that then I wouldn't have ran as far the other days. Sometimes you just have to take risks.
I'm down to 1 Ventolin Neb a day and 1 steroid. I'm happy.


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