Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I forgot to do a piece on PowerBreathe.
What is it? What does it do? Does it differ from a PEP Mask?

So I went looking for any studies to see if it can benefit CF or asthma. Here is the study I found. It means doing 30 breaths, twice a day using the PowerBreathe;

- Improved cycling time trial performance by up to 4.6%, equating to a massive 3-minutes over 40km
- Improved rowing time trial performance by up to 2.2%, equating to 60m in a 2km race
- Accelerated recovery during repeated sprints by up to 7%
- Increased inspiratory muscle strength by up to 45%

The studies look impressive, and it was enough for me to go out and buy one. I got mine for €60 with free shipping from Click Here. It will probably arrive tomorrow or the next day.

So how does it differ from a Pep? I emailed the company that produce the Pep Mask (Astra Tech). They didn't really answer my questions, but what I took from it is that the pep is used to clear mucus. Obviously. But the PowerBreathe is used to build up the pulmonary muscle, which what I'm taking from this is that it would be very useful for Asthmatics. If it builds up pulmonary muscle, it will make it easier to do airway clearance. So by using the Pep and PowerBreathe, it would make it better for both asthmatics and CFs.
I can't answer all the questions, but when it arrives, I will find out in which way it will improve me. I ordered the heavy resistance version of the Ironman PowerBreathe.



  1. Hi Evan,

    have you any news and comment for me about training with Powerbreathe? I bought the Ironman version and I like running as you too. I'd like to start useful for running.
    Congratulation for your blog!

  2. I find it good, but if I have a flair up then I won't use it as I try to limit the amount of activity I do with my lungs because they are inflamed.
    It takes a while to rep the benefits from it