Sunday, December 30, 2012


I know I touched on this in the last post, buy I think it's showing a more prevalent role in my diagnosis. I want to note that I haven't been diagnosed with this but everything leads to this.

I have taken note of my blood glucose levels before, 30 mins after and 2 hours after meals. The pattern that comes up is low in the morning, shoot up to 7ish, two hours later they go back to 3 or 4 and 2 on the odd occasion. If I don't eat something good within 4 hours then I go down to 1 or 2. After dinner and a Lucozade they go up between 15-17 and within a half hour they are 12 and 2 hours after my dinner they go to 3-4.
Huge jumps in levels. The good thing is, insulin kicks in, but my metabolism being fast, chops it down very quickly. So it seems like I should have a lunch every 2 hours.
I had mackerel in tomato sauce on ciabatta bread. Now the ciabatta was half a roll so maybe 1/2 a foot. So it went from 15.9 within a half an hour, then dropped to 3.6. That's unreal. I thought it was a good lunch. Surely not if it doesn't last more then 30 minutes!!
So my aim is to go down a low GI diet. I will touch on this in another post. Secondly, doing some research and finding out that people with low sugar levels grunt/moan/make noises during their sleep. They also sweat at night. This is me all over!

The weird thing is MSG (the crap in Chinese foods) and fried greasy foods can effect people who are hypog. Guess what I had for dinner the night before my second seizure...a Chinese. Guess what I had for breakfast on the morning of my seizure.....a fry!! Scary!!

I will explain further about my candida and effecting glucose levels, but until then, your just going to have to wait because I'm tired now and need sleep.
I will leave you with this cool piece of art.


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