Friday, December 28, 2012

Seizure 2.0

Christmas Day. I normally wake up early, lets say 7ish. Have a fry about 8-8:30 and go on a run at 9:30/10:00 before going to my relatives.
This all changed. I went on a run at 9:57am. Got 7 minutes into the run (just over 1 mile), met my friend David and then had to sit down.
From then on was a blur, and I woke up in hospital attached to wired and IVs. I hadn't a clue what was going on, and who was around me. A few minutes later I knew I had a seizure, and my pillow was covered in blood with my head pounding. Well I split my head open and there was a staple in it.
There was no way I was staying in that shithole for much longer so I discharged myself and went home to enjoy my Christmas dinner. I wasn't as bad as the last time but I was still in bits and my memory was all over the place.
The paramedics on both occasions said that my glucose levels were low, and I will take about that in the next post.

Anyway, I was to go to Madrid tomorrow with Yas for New Years. Sadly, under medical orders, girlfriend orders and mother ordered, I'm not allowed go!!! I suppose it's only fair on everyone that I don't go but it is still a mighty pain in the arse!
Until next post, I will explain further.

I would like to talk about the dickheads that drove by me on the ground, on Christmas Day, bleeding from my head and my friend trying to wave them down. What sort of people must they be to think "ah sure they will be grand. Ill leave them at it". I hope they had a wonderful day with their family. I need to start questioning humanity now. Not saying thanks when I open the door is one thing but when I'm buck lepping on the floor and not stopping to ring an ambulance is just being a <**+

Where was I.......
The first picture, I have no memory of, nor the second. My brother kindly took it!! I look out of it, probably because I was!


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