Monday, March 25, 2013

Altitude Training

Living at 7000 feet above sea level in Flagstaff, Arizona proves very different from being back in Ireland. Take the highest point in Ireland and multiply that by 3 and that what I'm dealing with here. Then think of that, and try think of running 60 minutes. While your thinking about those two things, then add CF and hypoglycemia and it equals me!!
I have been here 5 days so far and I'm getting used to the lack of oxygen and I'm running more then what I was a few weeks ago. I suppose coming up to to altitude when your not fit isn't really a good idea. I'm not here to train. I'm here to work. I am treating top international athletes who have won medals in the London Olympics.
At the moment I'm travelling with one of the athletes, Sally Kipyego, to see a specialist for a scan which is located in Phoenix Arizona. It's a 3 hour bus journey! This doesn't seem to affect people in America. If I was to drive 3 hours in a bus, I wouldn't want to do that again for a few days. These will do it in the same day??? I get too see more of America which is good because Arizona is such a scenic place, as you can see in the pictures. That mountain is right beside where we are staying. I'm about 30min drive to the Grand Canyon which I will defiantly be visiting.

I arrive home on the 17th of April. Another 3 and a half weeks. I will be gone for nearly 2 months in total. The amount of medication I need to bring, plus a turbo nebuliser, which I needed to buy a transformer so I could use it.
I ran out of gel the other day. So one of the gels had potato starch in it as one of the main ingredients. I couldn't find potato starch but corn starch is just as good. It can work as dry shampoo and a box only costs $1. I might start doing "Evs Fashion & Beauty Tips" on here from now on! Try it. It works. It's also so typically Irish to be putting potato ingredients into your hair!!! I'll call it Paddy Gel. Paddy Gel with the essence of cabbage.
I was watching Home And Away the other day (guilty pleasure) and I'm not going to ruin it but a part of it made me think. Then a CFer called Jerry Cahill put a video up of him talking about his lung transplant which made me think even deeper. I was asked "am i afraid of the life expectancy of CF is 36? Suddenly, oh shit! My thoughts start running away with my reasoning. I was thinking of the likelihood of me getting a lung transplant is high. I was thinking about running with an oxygen tank, taking anti rejection drugs, sitting on the operation table. All sorts of stupid stuff I don't need to be thinking about right now. I have had probably a healthier life then most people, regardless of having CF or not. I feel much better health wise then I did at the start of the year, which is great because of the seizures etc. I suppose, don't think too deep of things that could be 30 years down the line and things I can't change other then what I am doing. But I have to say it did effect me and I guess it's natural too think of it sometimes when you have a life threatening disease.

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