Monday, August 12, 2013

Creatine & Insulin

Recently I have started to lift a lot of weights. I normally take a recovery shake after a long/hard run. I was out of a recovery shake so I ordered Whey protein with creatine. I've heard a lot of bad and good press about creatine so I wanted to test it out myself. It's always good to use your own body as a lab rat!!!!!
After the workout of Friday, I downed 5g worth of creatine. Nothing big at all. I ate tuna and spinach right after the shake. I went up stairs to shower. Took a glance into a mirror and saw my face. Eyes drooping, and sunken. The typical signs of a hypo. I just about got downstairs to the fridge to down a fizzy, sugary drink before I was about to collapse. I had to lay down and drink the drink. I wanted to sleep but was afraid of what might happen. I checked my blood sugars about 10minutes after the sugary drink and they were 3.4. I don't want to know what they were 10minutes prior. I had to keep taking sugar every 10minutes for the hour because they wouldn't stay up. 
Trying to get ready for work, I looked at my watch and realised I was supposed to be in work in 15 minutes. I couldn't even attempt to start driving or treating injuries. So I cancelled everyone for the day and just lay on the couch not even looking at TV, I was the tired, nauseous, and had a pounding headache. 
I levelled out throughout the day, but low GI foods would only last me an hour. Right before I went to bed, I had another protein shake. By the time I got upstairs I felt the same feeling. Luckily I had food beside my bed. It wasn't as extreme as the morning feeling, probably because I didn't workout rightbefore  taking the shake so my sugars would have been low anyway. 
With that. I took to the Internet to see what creatine would do to people with hypoglycemia. Guess what? Under no circumstances should anyone with hypoglycemia take creatine. Creatine helps release insulin, and I already produce insulin too fast/too much. I was such an idiot. A lesson learned the hard way. 
However, I wonder would taking creatine help people with diabetes. Obviously in measured amounts etc. I'd like to see a study. 

Secondly. Insulin helps recover muscles after activity. So using a sugary drink after exercise can help to recover muscles. That's a quick synopsis of it, I know it's more in depth. So, since I've had this hypoglycemia, I have never woken up with sore muscles. I feel tight, but once I get out of bed I don't feel a thing. In the last 3 weeks I've worked out everyday, and ran 5 days a week. Seen as I over produce insulin, I think it makes me recover faster. I even did a workout, and lifted everything until failure. Woke up the next day, no pain. It's great I suppose! 


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