Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Our first official day of our holiday in Areias De Porches (Portugal). This has been my first holiday inn4 years. Why? Because I never scheduled time off for me to enjoy life. It has been all go since leaving college. You can get wrapped up in life that you forget about taking time off to enjoy what you you sow. 
This holiday was kind of a spur of the moment. I can take time off work whenever, but Yas cant really. So a few weeks ago we decided to book a flight and a destination that wasn't a long flight, had sun, and was nice. Portugal was the location of choice. 

Flight at 9.55am. 
Arrived at 12.35pm
Arrived in apartment at 5.00pm
It was a long day. Taking things as a spur of the moment doesn't always make it easier. We didn't book a rental car, meaning all rentals were rented out!! Well, there was one car available FOR €1320 A WEEK! A Ford Fiesta for that price! I could have bought that car for that price after a few weeks. No way. 
By the time we got to out apartment, the Car Rental had transported a Fiat Punto to our door. Off to the market and local shops for some supplies for the following week!
We couldn't have been arsed cooking dinner that night so we ate out. Tuna steak for me, and a plate Sardine with a tomato salad and potatoes for Yas. With wine and a coke for me, the bill came to €25. Could you imagine getting my dinner alone for €25 in Ireland and with that view!

Sunbathing was on order today. I didn't feel like running that day, but ended up going on a run at 5 o clock (probably the hottest time of the day) and did an easy 30mins, which ended up being very hilly. It was nice.

We found this great market with fish, fruit and veg. We got so much fish and fruit for little to nothing. It really shows us how much we get ripped off in Ireland.
We got 6 big sardines for €1.85, two pork chops for 0.52c each, 4 figs for 0.50c. In Ireland, a fig costs €1 each. 

For the majority of the time we just sat around either sunbathing, eating watching TV. Yas loves watching Sky News so breakfast time has a little bit of Sky News.

The Algarve is known for its golden sandy endless beaches. Interestingly enough, we didn't go down to the beach at all. What is the point. Sand everywhere, and then I have to bring a few packed meals.

Going from hot, dry desert type climate, to as cold as you can get air con caused a lung bleed, and a pretty big one at that. It got to the stage that I was considering taking myself to the hospital, but I waited. Thankfully it stopped, but then picked up again a few hours later. Not as bad, but then worried about my flight home in a few days time. I recalled Prof telling me once that air con can cause lung dryness and lead to a bleed. At the same time of me remembering that, I also listened to a singer on TV saying he never turns the air con on because it effects his voice and throat.
I knew I didn't have an infection as I felt great, and felt great on my runs. I would run 30-40mins and fast as well. Finish my run and then stand in front of the air con to cool down after running in 30+ degrees weather. That was part one of my stupidity. Second one was I wasn't drinking enough water. Idiot. 
So this was on Thursday after my run. I took Friday and Saturday off running and stopped taking my Hyp Saline as it triggers me to cough and I didn't want that. Friday I coughed up a small amount but it was more mucus so it didn't bother me. I said if I didn't cough up on Saturday that I would start back on the Sunday. With that, I ran for 30mins on Sunday and felt great. No blood, no mucus. Safe flight home...hopefully!
I never run either before or after a flight. I noticed a few ears ago that flighing and running don't go we'll together. I made it home safely, but I am going to call Prof and sort out an appointment as its been 5 months.

(Below are picture of where I was running)

As soon as I landed back to Irish soil, I start coughing. The clouds were close to the ground and it was very muggy out. Not great at all for my lungs. It nearly instantly triggers mucus for me. It's probably not possible, but Ireland is one of the worst countries for me to live in. It has a horrible eternal climate. But it's good to be home and drinking Irish Lyons tea!

(Below is a picture of Yas watching the Arsenal match while I'm watching Home & Away. I know, I know, it should be the same way around)

All in all it was a great holiday. I will miss eating fish at least once a day. Eating very fresh veg, and miss spending every minute of the day with Yas! Weh!

Yas and I


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