Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chicken, Kale & Mago Wholemeal Pitta

So this weeks recipe idea for hypoglycemics, or anyone looking for a low energy release and little spikes in blood sugar. This pitta also cooks in less the 10 minutes. I forgot to take a picture of this so apologies. You can't really go wrong with this. Bung it together and eat!

I have picked a seasonal vegetable seen as it will have the nutrients at its highest. However, I have also used a mango, which in Ireland, is never in season. But it's a little give and take I suppose. It still has to taste well. Mango is a low GI fruit. Any fruit with a stone as its core is low GI.

- wholemeal pitta
- chicken breasts
- kale or cabbage
- mango
- sun dried tomatoes (or fresh if you wish)
- feta cheese, or goats cheese
- nutmeg (1/2 a teaspoon for the kale). Similar properties to that of cinnamon in controlling blood sugar levels.
- cumin (powder or seeds) - cumin helps to maintain blood sugar levels
- paprika - helps with blood sugar but this is mostly for taste.

1) cover chicken in cumin and paprika. Leave to marinate while you chop up everything else.

2) chop up the kale. Kale has 26% more vitamin K when eaten raw. So you decide whether you want to cook it or eat it raw. If I was doing it I would cook it in a frying pan with a tiny amount of water for only a few minutes. Drain water and add in nutmeg

3) start cooking the chicken. Medium heat for roughly 7 minutes each side.

4) mix together the feta cheese, sundried tomatoes, and mango. Kind of like a salsa.

5) warm the pitta. Open it up and stuff the kale and the "salsa" into the pitta.

6) slice the chicken and put into pitta. The juices from the chicken will help with the other ingredients.

(If you find this dry then I would mix together mayo and some other spice, maybe chilli powder and spread on the pitta before filling it. A small amount of mayo won't do much harm, but if you really want a low fat pitta then add natural yogurt and a spice together)

(If you want a vegetarian meal then use Aubergine and red pepper instead of chicken. Aubergine is one of the lowest GI foods going)

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