Sunday, September 15, 2013

Things That Keep Me Going

This post might seem cocky, but its completely the opposite.

I have been running for close to 15 years. That means I started when I was 12. Yes I was very active before that. Running, I am convinced, has kept me so well and the way I am today. However, I get days where running is the last thing I want to do. Sometimes I hate getting out and running and the days like this is getting larger. Seen as I can't get enough months of consistent, and good training it means I can't race to the level I want. I hate racing for fun. It's not fun. It's depressing. Running 16 minutes for a 5k isn't fun. I find it pointless. So without a goal of racing, I tend to not train as much. The only thing that keeps me from staying in everyday and watching crap on TV or playing Xbox is knowing that if the number of days that I don't run is greater then the days I do run I will end up in hospital. 
Doctors and nurses have always said that running isn't going to add up to all I need to do to keep my lungs clear. They were wrong, and now i see and hear of PWCF running, and treadmills in the beds in the CF Unit in Vincent's. 
I don't follow a lot of PWCF on twitter or have a lot of friend on Facebook. The ones I do I see how hard they work and run, even if it makes them worse (ehem Tara) but in the long run its keeping them out of longer for longer periods of time. 
I get emails and tweets from people who say I am an inspiration for them to run, but in fact, the days when I don't want to run or think "ah sure I'll have a day off" and I see a picture or a comment/tweet about them going on a run it makes me want to lace up and go out running. Knowing that these PWCF struggle going running, and I just don't want to run because I just don't want to. It makes me work harder. 
So for the people who say thanks for the inspiration, I would reverse that and say that yous inspire me to run on the days I just don't want to. 

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