Saturday, November 23, 2013

Running, Uncle, Private V Public, Book Title

Guess what?
It will be 3 weeks this Tuesday since I got my blood tests. Any results? No! This is what happens when you go public. Bit of a joke. I'd rather pay the money and get the results within a few days. 

Nothing has changed much on the blood sugar front. Although I would say in comparison to this time last year, I think it has gotten a small bit worse. 
My chest feels great. I can't complain about anything there. I feel good running, and have started running slightly more. I got home late from work the other day. I fuelled up and went running at 9:10pm and finished at 9.58pm. I felt great. 

Oh, I am an uncle now. Uncle Ev! My older brother had a baby boy, Eduardo. Born 8lbs 6oz. Big enough baby. 

Last Monday was the anniversary of my first seizure. I went running as well. If I was ever to write a book, I think I'd title it "Kick The Devil In The Balls". Although that title has a bit of red tape around it. Sure it wouldn't be a book about me if it didn't have trouble in it somewhere. 
This Christmas will mark a year of being seizure free. Hope to the some lad above that I don't get another in the meantime! 

I'm up early for a run. 


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