Monday, November 4, 2013

Back To Basics

I've called this "Back To Basics". Meaning I've realised that this blog has now turned into a cooking demonstration/diet ranting/Hypoglycemia controlling diary, and little to do with CF, and why I originally started this. To let people know it's not all doom and gloom.
I seem to go from doing something 100% or 0%, and find it hard to have a middle, compromising ground!

As part of bi-monthly changes between Tobi and Cayston, side effects come in abundance! Especially with Cayston. I am convinced that it's the devil, in a vapour form, of course! 
I am now a few days over 2 weeks of taking Cayston. My first few days were horrible. It's one of the worst drugs I have taken. It has made my chest feel tight, and as if I'm getting stabbing pains, I feel tired all days, and especially after taking the neb, my joints are sore, and I seem to have no motivation while taking it. I stopped running, and was down to 2 runs a week, which consisted of 20 minutes each. However, I did manage to do 30 mile last week. It's a half decent attempt of a training week. 

I have also lost a serious amount of weight. I started this year off at 60kg. I am now 53kg. I am doing I'd say a third of the training I was doing this time last year. I eat more, but I consume about 90% less sugar in my diet. However, it's getting to the stage where I am losing too much weight for my own good. I don't notice the change in my physical features, but I am told by athletes "Jesus you're looking lean" and by everyone else "you've lost a lot of weight. It's a bit scary". The joke among athletes is that if you look sick, and gaunt, then you must be fit. I think you have to be an athlete to understand that!
I was also starting to crave fatty crappy foods like crisps and McDonalds. I never crave those. I pulled into a garage and bought a box of Pringles with Coke Zero and demolished them!! I normally crave cakes and sweets. It never savoury fatty foods. It was obviously my body telling me to get some nutritionally empty calorific foods.
I am now starting to eat fatty healthy foods like if I was having polenta, I would sprinkle coconut shavings on it. If I was making risotto I would put butter into it as well.  Little tips like that. Over the weekend. I've already put on 2lbs. 

I'm going to my GP to get some bloods organised. Take away CF, I have a lot of the signs of an over active thyroid (hyperthyroidism). I am starting to sound more like a hypochondriac! If it is a thyroid problem then I've gotten to the bottom of it and we can sort it. If it's not a thyroid issue then at least I can rule it out and figure out why I have hypoglycemia. 
Fingers crossed 


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