Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Killer Humidity

While studying Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, we learnt a lot about the elements which can effect the body. The elements invading the body to worsen symptoms. Our lecturer Dr Fanyi Wang told us that Bells Palsy rates in China went up during spring as their was more wind. If he wasn't Chinese, I would have taken this next statement as racist. "Chinese peoples faces are flatter and attracts the wind easier". Wind invading the body creates a paralysis, or stiffness. You've often heard of leaving the window open at night and creating a draft.

Anyway, the Californian weather is mostly desert climate. While I've been here it has constantly been in the 20s, and humidity between 10-13%. Perfect for a person with CF. Living in Ireland, with the humidity constantly high, hovering around 80%, or worse during the summer months. This isn't very conducive to CF. Humidity can create our bodily fluids to be thicker, and giving the mucus in our lungs, its going to make this worse.

Today has been different. I woke up feeling crappy and i was more productive. Productive meaning more mucus. I put it down to just needing to go on a run, forgetting that I ran two days ago! Off I went on a 10 mile run, and feeling like I needed to get the lower lungs I did some sprints afterwards to try clear more mucus. It helped, but I still felt very productive.
I decided to check the weather again. Humidity 71%!! This explains a lot. It was as if I was back in Ireland. It's like when you have a nice bed but after a while you forget how nice it is until you sleep in a lumpy crappy mattress. Well that's what it's like for me right now. Two different extremes.

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