Saturday, April 17, 2010

Very Quick Post

I havent posted on here in a while. Been very busy. Business has picked up, im studying loads and i have increased my weekly mileage to 115 miles a week.
So my routine consists of this
Mon - AM 12 mile, PM 6 mile
Tue - 10 mile fast, PM 5 mile
Wed - 5 Mile easy, PM speed session (about 12 miles)
Thurs - 18 miles
Fri - AM 10 miles, PM 5 miles
Sat - Speed session (again about 12miles)
Sun - 20 mile mountain run

I havent really noticed how much iv up'd the distance so thats a good sign. I have the National Intervarsity 10,000m on friday (hope to win). I had a very crap run today. Not sure if its that volcano causing me problems. I got very chesty and felt like i ran 10 races in one go. Very strange.
Im back off to Portugal at the end of May. Looking forward to it. Should be hard but fun. I am taking a real holiday at the end of august. Not sure yet. Looking at Greece. Suggestions are welcome.

Other then my chest feeling like fire i have no other complaints and feel amazing.
Short post but i have to keep yous updated.

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