Monday, November 1, 2010


Long post get your cup of tay (thats corny but i like it)
Speaking about tea, while i was down in Cork, i went shopping. Found this amazing tea and coffee shop. It sells coffee beans and different types of tea leaves. I love coffee. Not instant. That tastes like vinegar. The beans itself. And i ground them up when i get home. It tastes nicer when its freshly ground. I got a very different coffee. An Algerian Cognac inscented coffee. I had reservations about this coffee, but when i grounded it when i got home, it was like someone smashed a bottle of cognac over my head. AMAZING. When drinking it, it had a taste of dessert off it, if you can understand. Like Tiramisu. You could put it over Ice Cream and it would taste lovely.
So last week was an eventful week. Busy, but eventful. I was booked up in the clinic, and on Thurday i had to go to Cork to work with Dr. Gina Honeyman. Shes a Dr that specialises in M.E (post viral thing that makes you tired etc), Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia (chronic pain in the muscles). This is all affected by the thyroid (a gland in your throat/neck) Hair loss, constantly tired, very slow, or very fast metabolism. Myself and herself worked thurday, friday and saturday in Cork, assessing and consultations etc. Very long but it was good.
The race i was to do yesterday didnt go ahead. I got home late on saturday and was in no state to be racing on the sunday. So i did a hard run instead. Worked out very good. The sunday marked the anniversary of me and Yaz. 4 YEARS TOGETHER!!!! Wait until you hear what she got me. A Paul Smith lambskin wallet. I love Paul Smith. Tom Ford aftershave. The scent is one of a kind. Its Tobacco and Vanilla. This might sound like i will smell like an old pub and HB vanilla ice cream. However, when i saw the label i was like, who on earth would want to smell like that. But i sprayed it on me and i couldnt stop smelling it for the rest of the day. Trust me, go out an buy it. its 140e, but it is worth it. It works out to be 2.80e per spray but its 2.80e that will last for the rest of the day. LOVE IT. She also got me a pair of Adidas runners. I have a healthy obsession with runners. Others think its not healthy but other dont see the beauty in a pair of runners/footwear. She also got me Alan Sugars book. This lad started to pay adults money when he was only 11. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. He also sounds better saying "your fired" then our own Penny Apples lad.
So we went out to dinner and stayed in Castleknock Hotel. Its a lovely hotel and i would recommend it to anyone. Im not saying the price because Yaz might read this, but it was reasonable. I booked the Executive Suit, dinner, and breaky. BUT me being a fool, booked it for the next day. The exec suit was booked out that night so i was made lower my standards to a normal room. HAHA. But they gave me a bottle of wine. Not really sure why. I dont drink, so when i brought it home to my parents, sure wasnt i the best son in the world.
I like to draw in my spare time. I drew The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The week thats in it and all that. I cant find my camera charger right now but when i do i will upload it onto the blog.

This actually wasnt that long of a post. So sorry if you made a cuppa for no reason.

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