Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snowy Day

I was in the mood for French Toast. i woke up today kind of hoping the snow wasnt gone. Im not sure why i dont want it gone, because its a pain in the arse, and doesnt help with with the lungs either. The cold makes me cough. I think thats from the asthma. But nevertheless, i still went on a run. I ran 10 miles,think it was an hour. Its like im running on a treadmill because when i try run up a hill my legs are going as fast as they can but im not getting any closer to the top of the hill. Actually, thats a plan. I think i might run on a treadmill. But then again, i hate the gym. People bench pressing 4 times my weight looking at me lifting 5kg. But then i would love for them to get on a treadmill going on level 20.
After the run i look my saline neb. Im not sure if many people are aware of the saline. Basically, its a salt solution. Its used in a different mouth piece from the pulmozyne and you can get an attatchment for it that acts like a pep mask. I started using the maybe a year ago and found it very good. I used to take Pulmozyne for about 15 years. I stopped taking the Pulmozyne as i was starting to cough up blood. There was a few reasons for that.
1 - High mileage runners/cycists can start to cough up blood
2 - Pulmozyne and other nebs have a side affect of coughing up blood
3 - If i shout too much (i.e go out to a night club)

Im not sure which one it is but i felt that the Saline did as good as pulmozyne and its drug free. Salt and water is all it is. I DIDNT TAKE IT FROM THE SEA. And DONT stop taking something because you read it here. I wont be responsible for that. :)
I also had to go to the Chemist. Im not sure if anyone has problems with their chemist but im starting to. Not telling me when i need to renew my prescription, and they wont take a fax from the hospital. Just very awkward. Im not sure what their problem is.
I started back on my Scandishake now that im getting back into training. I have to get the calories from elsewhere because i physically cant eat anymore then i already do. Oh actually, speaking about food. I was chopping an onion yesterday. My girlfriend (Yaz) got me very expensive knives and they're very sharp.
I think a blast of the ventolin is a good idea today. Chest hasn't really calmed down after the run. Hard day tomorrow. A run and then some weight. (not in the gym).
Seen as im locked in the house for today, and iv studied my eyeballs out, i think looking at some crap on the TV with a big bowl of stew is in order. Fire is already lit. Perfect. Desperate Housewives starts back today. I was very confused watching it.

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