Sunday, January 17, 2010

beetroot is a scary vegtable

So. I cooked beetroot as i said in the last post. I ate it and i got the fright of my life this morning and at lunch. Im not really going to go into it. But lets just say i thought i had a kidney infection with the colour red symbolising blood. If you get what i mean.
I ran 12 miles today. It was weird. I felt good for the first 4 miles then i died, not sure what from. Then i went over my ankle in the mud. But it was ok to run on. I was listening to the radio on the run. Heard an interesting story. This lad from England had the hiccups for 3 years. Constantly. He tried the usual mad stuff we try. Drinking upside down and the likes. So after all the doctors looking at him, he found out that they couldnt help him. He then got a call from a Japanese tv show. Im not sure if your familiar with Japanese or Chinese tv shows. But they are crazy. So, he went on the TV and a Japanese doctor specialising in hiccups got in contact with the show. He did some tests and wanted to do a MRI scan on his head. Found out the reason for his chronic hiccups was from a brain tumor on his brain stem. Jesus Christ. Very weird.
I have wanted to design clothes for years now. So i decided i may as well do it. I came up with sketches for dresses that i want to make. I have to get templates first and start off with them. So i'll see how they turn out. At the next Oscars people will be asking "who are you wearing" and the answer will be "Evan" no!!!!

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