Saturday, January 16, 2010

Muck muck everwhere, what the......

UGH GOD...did you hear the rain last night. I thought hurricane season was over. When i woke up the sun was beaming down on my face. Coudnt believe it. I wasnt woken on a good note either. My sister rang me at 7 something in the morning. "are you going running" she says. "eh no, im asleep". She came with another question. "well do you want to bring me to work". ME "no". I think thats how it went. Il be having a word with her when she gets back. HA.
I drove to Marley Park. The foot of the Dublin Mountains. This is where we train. I havent been able to get up there since before Christmas with all the snow. Its one of the best parks to run in in Ireland. Hills everywhere, and of course the mountains, which we go up every sunday for our 20 milers. But today Marley wasnt very nice. Instead of the path, there was a river. And half the forest trail was washed away. Hows and ever, i ran 10 miles. Fast enough pace.
I downed a carb and protein drink after and headed home. I bought some beetroot. Beetroot and goats cheese in a salad is amazing. Do not buy the beetroot in the tin or anything. Its nasty.
I had a quiche for lunch. Goats cheese, broccoli, peppers and i cant remember what else. But it was nice.
Im a bit chesty after the run today. The pace and because of Tobi. Its not good for the first few days.
I was supposed to go to a 21st tonight, but im up early for a run and its about 45 minute drive away so dont think so.
Its now 21 degrees in Portugal. I cant wait for it. Instead of washing muck and crap off my legs i will be just washing sweat and this orange coloured trail dust off me. Which i dont mind at all. Its better.

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