Monday, January 18, 2010

Most depressing day of the year!!

Not really. But thats what they say.
Actually it started off with a bad note. Making a boiled egg is tricky business. i figured out that 11 minutes is a perfect time for an egg..cold water, put egg in, start the clock, turn stove on. 11 minutes later. done. Anyway, it turned out bad. It wasnt done!! So all had was toast.
I had a hard training day. 7 miles then i went back to the house and did a circuit session. Thats weights and body weighted exercises. It was a good days training. 10 miles tomorrow.
10 days left until i go to Portugal. But my running runners havent arrived yet. They better come before i go away. Im training in horrible crappy runners.
I went to pay my fine for the toll thing last night. As i went to pay the 6e, it told me i had 49e to pay. WHAT?? I rang up this morning saying it hasnt been 14 days since i received my letter. They said it wasnt a notice and its 14 days from when i went through the bridge. However, on the letter it says "this is a notice" and later on "pay within 14 days of receiving this letter". So they took the fine off, and then told me i have a credit of 72 euro. HAHAHA. Great day.

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